How To Get Everything You Want

money-pile_925x2017, I felt like my life had come to a standstill.

What was I doing? Where were my priorities? Why am I frustrated? Why am I not happy? A barrage of thoughts had begun to consume my mind during the day and much worse, at night. I procrastinated, was anxious and had no goals or confidence to get shit done.

I felt like I’d let my life up to this point just play out and whatever came at me did in a ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ way. We were dealing with the stress of family health and worrying for my husbands health. Much of the year admittedly was us driving to and from doctors appointments and hospitals which I don’t regret for a second as I was able to be with him every moment for support. By September as the running around ceased, I was still left with all the questions I wanted answers to they just weren’t as demanding as before.

It was earlier that year that having applied to a job I so desperately wanted (and did not even get an interview for and now understand why) I happened upon a subreddit on Reddit called ‘LOA’ or ‘Law of Attraction’ to those much like me wondering what the heck “Lo-ah” stood for.

It was my initial exposure to a concept so ridiculous sounding yet intriguing all the same. All the posts mentioned, “manifesting this or that” “get everything you want right now” etc. I soon came to learn that the Law of Attraction was the literal law of attracting things to yourself in your world.

I experimented with a few techniques proven by users and subscribers alike. You can try it right now if you like. Go ahead. Think of something simple you’d like to attract in your life. A pink feather? A red balloon? A white car? Someone offering to buy you a coffee or snack? Maybe finding or receiving money? Just sit for a minute and focus all your attention to that moment. What would your face look like when you received some money? How would that make you feel? Where are you standing? Imagine the conversation you’re having with someone or telling them your excitement. If you can stay in that moment, that is part the way to creating or manifesting everything you ever wanted in life.

I can hear you screaming, “um what’s the point of all this if I don’t see a man running towards me with a check for $1,000 000?”. But just to get my point across, everyday for 5 minutes (morning is best) spend this time focusing on visualizing and feeling. Visualize yourself receiving money, feel the emotions of receiving money. Then let it go. Go about your day and don’t think about it again (easier said than done).

You want to get to a point where you change your mind to focus on getting it, not desperately wanting it. Just meditate on the visualization and feeling of already having it.

I tried it, it worked. Time and time again. You can too, it’s just your brain has been trained to think a certain way all your life. I’ll be posting more blogs to do with mindset, LOA and changing your vibration. So keep tuned.

If you’ve read all this way, I suppose this is where I need to tell you no, I’m not crazy. Promise. At least not that much. I only wish this information was more open and spoken about and importantly shared with our growing generation of pre-teens, teenagers and young adults. Good luck!