My Day To Evening Look

As promised, my day to evening look using the one, the only, TOASTED PALETTE!

I predicted this. I knew that once I got my hands on this palette I would reach for it time and time again. Over the weekend and days past, I open up the top drawer of my Ikea Alex unit and there it is shining brightly at me. All my other eye shadow palettes cower in the corner. I’ll return to you beauties again soon I promise but for now, it calls me.

“Pick me up!”, it says. It’s like a drug to me.

So in the first half of this video I provide a warm toned everyday look. I use three shadows (s’more, cashmere, warmth) and blend blend blend. Add just mascara or mascara and eyeliner. The choice is yours sweetie. Make up is just that, a creative outlet to make your own.

If you fancy a more deeper look, maybe for a night out on the town or special occasion, please keep watching to see how I make this look transform from a day to evening look with my favorite color in the palette, ‘Flame’, a beautifully rich, copper tone.

Please leave a like, comment with any questions or concerns and remember to subscribe for more, once I get off this Toasted binge…

Have a magical day!

Dee X

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