Late Night Snacks For When You’re Peckish

Picture yourself nestled comfortably on the couch, blanket up to your chin, bed socks on and maybe your pet snuggled at your feet (or like me stuffed toy if you have a pet who doesn’t do laps) it’s Netflix and chill time.

Then you feel it. The hunger pang. The sugar craving the, “dammit I should have had more to eat during the day” feeling. My stomach feels like I could fill the contents of the Grand Canyon in it. Gosh it even rumbles sometimes too.

So you kick off your blankie and it’s off to the kitchen with ya.


Before you get caught up in the sugar fix you’re craving for the love of Mickey Mouse please take a look at my list of healthy snacks for when the hunger yeti gets you.

Did you know that thirst can actually make you feel hungry? While I was clean eating last year, I read somewhere this interesting fact; drink one glass of water before you reach for that snickers bar. If after 30min you still aren’t satisfied  then you may eat something. A healthy something *looks sternly at you*

A healthy selection of delicious snacks include;

  • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on its own
  • Apple quarters with about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
  • Yoghurt and fruit (I love strawberries but you can mix any in really)
  • Carrot sticks
  • Hommus and brown crackers (less the salt if you can)
  • Popcorn (minus the triple explosion butter please and less salt the better)
  • Any fruit. Yes too much fructose is not a good thing but I ate all the fruit I wanted for dessert most nights and still lost weight however, I advise you proceed with caution



So I hope to encourage and inspire a new, healthier way of eating and snacking. Munching on sweet and salty snacks occasionally is OKAY do not forget this. But also be honest with yourself. If you’re putting in more than you exert in physical activity then maybe it’s time for a change. Of course the decision lies with you and only you if you’d like to change your eating habits. Good luck!

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