DMP Definitions – Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Chemical acid peels! When I first heard those three words in a sentence I was terrified at the thought. Chemicals and acids on my face sounded like a torturous method of acne removal. I always imagined my face falling off with the use of them.

However I’ve come to realize they actually play an important part in reducing problematic skin issues like Acne, closed comedones, textured dull, uneven skin tone and even aging signs like wrinkles.

Next up on DMP Definitons, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and their purpose, benefits and how to use them.


AHA’s work to break down the ‘glue’ that holds your skin cells together. They act to quicken the rate at which skin cells turn over to reveal the new or baby skin underneath. Awesome!

AHA’s can be derived in but not limited to either of the following catergories:

  1. Lactic – Derived from sour milk
  2. Glycolic – Derived from sugar cane
  3. Citric – Derived from lemons and oranges

My recommendation is that you start of slowly with something like a Lactic acid as it the most gentle type. Unless of course you’re allergic to dairy!

I use this one by The Ordinary,

How To Use In Your Routine

Step 1. Cleanse (with a cleanser or water)

Step 2. Exfoliate with physical (optional, with Deluxe Fiber Facial Cloth)

Step 3. Exfoliate with chemical AHA (alternate days in between chemical use, not advised to be used everyday)

Step 4. Apply serum/s (wrinkles, age spots or PIH treatment)

Step 5. Spot treat if necessary

Step 6. Moisturize

Step 7. Add emollient to lock in hydration

Skin Drs
With the added benefit of pH balancing, this AHA cleanser eliminates the use of toners whilst cleaning and exfoliating
One of my more recent AHA purchases chemical peel with Lactic Acid + Hyaloronic Acid, The Ordinary


You’ll notice that your skins appearance becomes smoother, less bumpy, fine lines and wrinkles reduce and skin tone is more balanced. A word of caution, these products can and will dry your face out if you use it more often than required. Working out a balance will take time but please do not rush it. Healthy skin will prevail!

As always remember to love your health πŸ™‚

Dee X