The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Skincare

Skincare advice. I think we have all tried a thing or two in the past that we aren’t proud of. Pinterest anyone?

Actually, there are some DIY skincare tips and tricks I followed on YT back in the good old days that I wholeheartedly expected to work for me. Boy was I wrong!

Much like the title suggests, lets take a look into some of the worst skincare advice I’ve personally heard of.

  • Using lemons as a BHA on your skin helps brighten your skin, turn over skin cells and tighten the face. One thing they got right is the tightening feeling you will experience. Do not put any type of lemon or citric acid on your skin. It will cause burns and definitely is too harsh of a PH level to be used on your precious face.
Tasty to some, a bad idea for all for the face.
  • Stripping your skin of oil is going to prevent acne. Although the use of chemical exfoliants such as Salicylic and Glycolic acids can help reduce the skin’s production of oil, it can also destroy your moitsure barrier creating an even more problematic skin problem. Too much oil or too dry skin can create acne.


  • Moisturising your face will make you more oily. Contrary to popular belief, moisturising the skin will not only replenish the skin’s moisture barrier but it will aid in the healing of any unsightly spots, acne and dark marks you wish to heal.


  • Sugar is a great all natural scrub. Hard, rough and unevenly textured anything will be the cause of micro-tears on your face. Yes you probably won’t see it straightaway, but you may feel a stinging sensation once you apply anything else to your skin.


  • Using facial scrubs (hello St Ives. we see you) everyday will promote a healthy glow. Much like using sugar, the tiny microbeads will only cut your skin so to speak in the long run which can lead to premature aging and wrinkles.


  • Using a Clarisonic/Facial cleansing brush/Silicone face scrubber everyday to cleanse and/or remove makeup is good for your skin. While some of the high end brush heads we see are soft to the fingers touch, the skin on our faces is much more delicate and sensitive. Use of these types of products daily can create adverse symptoms such as redness, itchiness, closed comedones and more signs of over exfoliation.
Eat me in moderation, but don’t use me on your face. A microfiber washcloth is 100% more effective at physical exfoliating the face
  • When the products I use on my face ‘tingle’ that means it’s working. Another false claim by global skin and cosmetic companies. Menthol is the common ingredient placed in facial scrubs and even face masks that give you a cooling effect. If anything it’s just a side effect of the menthol which does absolutely nothing to benefit our facial skin. More like a candy or lolly we feel like eating because it feels good but offers no nutritional benefit.


  • Going to sleep without removing your makeup for one night isn’t that bad. Sleep is not only restorative to our minds and bodies, but the skin the largest organ in the human body must be given time to rest. If you’ve filled your pores with liquids and powders or maybe you even just applied a sunscreen, you must remove it all before you hit the hay. Clean pores will allow for healing. Even one night can cause a few bumps in the coming days.


  • Hot water is the best for cleansing the skin. Hot water will of course open the pores but it will also startle your skin and cause it to dry out faster. Same goes for far too cold water. Aim for tepid/lukewarm water which will be most comfortable to your skin.


  • Looking after your skin in your youth isn’t essential. We should begin to incorporate a basic skincare routine at the age we start to learn hygiene practices. It’s never too early to start looking after your skin and one of the best ways is sunscreen which will stop UVA and UVB rays from drying out your skin and preventing skin cancers.

What’s a skincare tip you’ve believed or followed that you wish you didn’t?

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚ As always, remember to love your health.