Misconceptions About Makeup

The very word, ‘Misconceptions’ as Google defines is a view or opinion based on a faulty understanding of an idea.

When I first started wearing makeup it was because my mum wore it. I watched her do her makeup everyday and the ritual seemed intriguing and adult like to a young child but fun nonetheless. A spark within me ignited. It was fun. Even then at a young age, I knew in myself that makeup was for enhancing beauty. When I was 11 I had perfect skin. I didn’t need to cover it, but it was fun. So why do a small minority of people still think makeup is ‘bad’?

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Common Misconceptions About Makeup

“If you’re wearing makeup then you have something to hide”

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Well yeah that big PMS pimple that reared it’s ugly head on my chin is definitely worth smearing my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer all over, I agree. But not everyone who chooses to wear it wants to cover or hide something. It’s fun, a process, artistic even. Some may find it therapeutic and a form of escapism *ahem*

“You don’t need it, beauty lies within”


Yes I’m all for positive, self esteem boosting words of encouragement. However it doesn’t mean because I choose to even my skin tone out with foundation that “I don’t need it”. Maybe it gives me a little confidence boost? Just like that cup of strong espresso coffee you drink every morning. A glass of water is more energy boosting than caffeine, so do you really need that coffee?

“You only wear makeup to look better than others”

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Oh then I suppose we should all stop buying designer clothes or any named branded clothes and accessories then too? We all choose to dress and wear things to make us feel confident in someway or another but why does makeup get the bad rap? I guess because it’s on our face right?

“Makeup sexualises young children”

I don’t agree with pounds of makeup being put on young children as it’s completely unecessary. But can’t it be like face painting but more intricate? Makeup is just like face painting that ALL children experience growing up. Society then chooses to slam makeup (adult face painting in my opinion) as sexual and bad for embracing and enhancing your beauty. Way to confuse the little ones.

Because you wear makeup it’s because you want to sexually attract people

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Again, I disagree. It’s more a, I like to experiment and play with creating different effects on my face with colours much like an artist takes to his/her blank canvas.

What’s your opinion on makeup? Sound off below. Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

Remember to love your face, love your health.