How To: Unicorn/Mermaid Nails!!

So if you didn’t know already, Kmart here in Australia is the number one store that has you going in for 1 thing and coming out with 100. It is seriously that good.

In fact as I browsed the beauty section I came across the most beautiful set of artificial DIY nails in a box. Their iridescence shone my way and I stared mesmerised at the beauty before me.

I’d found them!


Ooh shiny!

I came across a few pics of people with Unicorn, Mermaid nails on Insta, Pinterest and the Tube and figured out that most are done with a gel base, cured with a UV light then a sparkly nail powder buffed into the nail colour. I’ve had gel nails before at home DIY, and I can say they’re absolutely worth it apart from the fact I hate trying to get the gel off. Soaking in acetone for 15 + minutes each time I want to change my mani is just not for me. I like the quick fix nail polish remover and paint again within 40 min routine.

Anyway coming back to the story, I realised joyfully in the moment I held the pack in my hands that perhaps this was the option I needed! No gel, no salon and pretty easy right?

My Steps

  1. To prepare my nails I washed and dried my hands thoroughly.
  2. I carefully measured which size would fit on my natural nails.
  3. I used a nail file to shape the sides and base bit of the artificial nail that would sit closest to my cuticle. I found this helped it look somewhat more natural and fit more evenly. You may not have to do this step but just a tip.
  4. Then I used the glue included (this is more than likely superglue as it smells exactly the same) to dab a drop or two of glue onto the nail bed and used the tip to smooth it over or coat the nail entirely.
  5. Apply the nail and press with your fingers firmly but not too firmly over the nail for 30 seconds. Applying too much pressure can create bubbles in the glue which in turn will make the nail less likely to stick for longer.
  6. File away any excess glue and shape the nail again if desired. That’s it!

Now during my experiments I applied one nail to the incorrect finger for the accent nail and I chose to remove 30 min after application. I soaked my fingernail in 100% acetone for 10 minutes and it disintegrated the nail. I assume that after a few days wear these nails would come off more easier but we will see!



  • Size of the nails. I like to think my nail beds are probably larger than normal maybe or wider? The smallest nail for the pinkie finger would not work for me (lucky that I’m only using these for the odd accent nail every now and then!)
  • There are also a few random large sizes that seem rather big, more to fit a toe nail in my opinion as it’s far too wide and I can’t imagine anyone having a nail bed that big!
  • They do tend to scratch easily as they’re so high-shine.


  • The shine on these are amazing! You can see your own reflection in them, not sure if that’s a good thing always lol.
  • They’re very sturdy once applied.
  • Don’t feel heavy on the nail.
  • Didn’t pop off unexpectedly
Maybe should have moisturised my hand before this pic

For $6AUD would I re-purchase? Yes I would. They’re really pretty and fun to play around with for sure. Just remember that with all artificial, gel and shellac nails, there’s always going to be a longer removal time. Be patient as to not rip layers off your natural nails. See a salon to get them soaked off professionally if you’re experiencing difficulty.

If you get impatient with the same nail colour then maybe this isn’t the best choice for you. I will post an update on how long these two last. I’ve had them on for 4 days and still going strong!

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

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