Important Things To Observe In Skincare

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As the title suggests, here are some important things to observe in skincare.

Expensive products that will cost you last weeks pay won’t provide miracles

Bye Money


Sure they’re a treat buy or a splurge item which is fine, but we all get swept up in the beautifully packaged creams and serums, the scents that arouse our senses and the promise of beauty all within a tiny tube or jar. Of course when our fav YT guru is raving on about a product it’s hard not to be convinced. Fact is we need to think logically. Yes it’s boring but a lot of the ingredients can be irritating for some, especially fragrance. So take care in reading the ingredients or at the very least, patch testing items before applying them to the entirety of your face.

If your skin feels tight or dry after a skincare product then it probably is not suited to your skin type

Perhaps try eliminate the product from your skincare routine, let your skin recover then allow for use once a day and see if that works better. If you’re still experiencing the symptoms, then discontinue use and opt for a more gentle option instead.

Throwing literally every skin care product you own on your face day and night will help solve all your skin concerns


A basic skincare routine is by far the best option as overuse of too many products can have your skin spiraling out of control. If you’re stripping it of moisture in the AM then your skin is crying out for help by the PM then dousing it with moisturisers, serums and masks is going to pop it right back into gear right? Consistency is key and if you routinely moisturise, your face will become noticeably more balanced not either one of the extremes (too dry or too oily).

Doing nothing will help


Again, something is better than nothing and even those with hardly any skin concerns are advised to follow a basic hygiene routine. While water is an irritant of the skin that can cause water loss to the epidermis, we still need to use it for cleansing. Follow with a good moisturiserΒ and apply sunscreen in the AM.

Facials will ALWAYS work to improve your skin


Some facials with a professional aesthetician are a God send and yes they can help out a bunch. However please be aware that it can also create more skin troubles. If you find your skin is not improving after a few weeks then see your GP/doctor for a professional opinion on your concerns. It is very possible to get trapped in a cycle of breakout – treat – breakout – treat and your skin is never really settled or balanced.

I hope you enjoyed! What’s your favourite skincare product at the moment?

Love your health!

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