The Lost Art of Effective Cleansing

How often do you cleanse? Be honest. Some people don’t cleanse at all and much to my frustration, their skin is perfect. But for those like myself, my oily/combo skin is somewhat in need of a healthy and steady skincare routine for optimum balance and healthy skin. So how can we effectively cleanse? Keep reading…

We live in a world where the beauty and cosmetics industry is simple booming with products that can potentially improve our skin or could potentially put our skin into a whole heap of trouble. So have we lost the true art of effective cleansing? Don’t we need like a ba-jillion products to cleanse? Masks, scrubs, brushes, silicone brush finger puppet thingy’s that seem little gimmicky, in my honest opinion.

It’s a 5 Step Thing

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate Gently
  • Treat
  • Moisturise
  • Sunscreen

Cleanse – Remove it All

Using a gentle cleanser will help remove the build up of dirt, dead skin cells, sebum and sunscreen and makeup. Using a Micellar Water can also be effective as a double cleansing method, one I love to use with a gentle microfiber cloth or makeup rounds. I use this first, then rinse with warm water then continue with my cleanser.

Gentle Exfoliation – De-Slick

This is optional. I repeat, optional. Some people like to exfoliate with chemicals like Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid ingredients common in acne washes. However a basic terry cloth, facial flannel or microfiber wash cloth is also as effective if not, more gentle on the skin. It can also help eliminate any texture from the skin like closed comedones (flesh coloured bumps under the skin) or even just help rub off any dead skin cells that need a little heave-ho.

Treat – Usually a PM Step

While you sleep, you don’t come into contact with air pollution, dirt etc so treating your skin to control oil, acne or any other skin conditions is more effective when incorporated into your evening routine as it’s needing that cleanse and refresh. Be sure as to check that active ingredients found in Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids do not clash with prescribed medications as well with checking with your doctor before commencing use.

Tip: Leaving an active ingredient such as Salicylic Acid on your skin for a few minutes can help the product work on your skin instead of washing into the drain instead.

Moisturise – Replenish the Skin

Once you have cleansed and treated, although necessary for most it will have a tendency of drying out your skin so be sure to restore the moisture barrier. The skins moisture barrier is what we hope to keep balanced and in check. Somewhere in between oil and dry and we effectively keep our skin healthy. Wait until this has absorbed into the skin before continuing with any further steps in your own routine.

Sunscreen – Shield & Protect

Sunscreen is such an important step that is so often forgotten about. An essential part of your skincare regimen before you leave the house. In fact, even if you plan on having a Netflix and chill kind of day, sipping tea or hot chocolate on the couch with your fur baby, you must be aware of the types of sun damage that can still occur. A physical sunscreen containing Zinc Oxide as the only (or main) ingredient will provide protection against skin cancers, aging and keeping you looking young. Don’t forget your neck and other parts of your body too!

Tip: Reapply every 2 hours.

So there it is my friends, the lost art of cleansing. How much of this do you incorporate in your routine? I’d love to know πŸ™‚

Remember simplicity is sometimes key to good health. Remember to love your health.

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