Where I’ve Been – Small Update

Dear fellow bloggers who have suffered with writers & content block.

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t suffered with this? I applaud you if you haven’t as coming up with ideas to blog about can be difficult. Alas, is blogging really all that fun when you have to research content?

Sure we all know posting regularly ensures that we’re actually present on social media but I found myself about 2 months ago at a transition point on my blogging journey. I was uploading to YouTube 3 times a week, blogging 3 times a week and promoting it on Instagram and Twitter. Burnt out is what made me come to a standstill.


I have come to realise that if I don’t have the spark to write or post or film, I shouldn’t do it. It only makes for boring content no one wants to watch or read. So I decided in the past few weeks that I’d only post what I had a passion for, not to say everything I posted wasn’t something I really wanted to share. I just didn’t want to put that pressure on myself as I had been to come up with and force content.

In our home, we’ve also been working on adding a bathtub to our bathroom and fixing up our backyard and garden to make it what we’ve always wanted. Home renovations suck up your time, energy and weekends especially when you’re working on it all yourself. But change is good. It’s made me think about sharing what I’m really passionate about. I love to share skincare products and skincare information as I think it’s important to stay informed.

I post regularly to Instagram so be sure as to check out my page for skincare content on the daily!

Take care and remember to love your health

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