My naked face is giving me more confidence than makeup ever did…

Every weekday afternoon from the age of about 8 years old, at 4:30 pm my grandmother asked me to turn off my VCR tapes and change the channel to her favourite soap, The Bold and the Beautiful.

At first I was annoyed at her need to stop me in the middle of watching my favourite things.


But after a few sighs, I recoiled on the couch and watched a little of her show. Soaps have a magnificent way of sucking you into the drama that unfolds for weeks on end. How many marriages has Brooke Logan had to Ridge Forrester in all these years? Anyway I digress, as I sat there feeling very blasé about what was unfolding on the screen, I began to notice the flawless makeup application on the lead female actors.

Their skin was matte and perfectly smooth. Their eye makeup was so complimentary to their face, eye shape and eye colour. I was mesmorised by it, how did they do it?


Then approximately 10 years from that point, at the age of 16, I came upon YouTube and the wonderful OG beauty gurus sharing their personal videos on makeup application. I was wide eyed and young and so in love with creating a contoured eye look. The way people used brushes and shadows on their eyes sparked a need to replicate the art they so effortlessly managed. And I could learn it all from home for free?

I was hooked. Covering my face in a thick layer of my very first high end foundation I’d bought the MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation with some birthday money I’d received that year was the best fifty bucks I’d spent in a long time. I was transformed into a matte, oil-free mannequin. Swirling colours onto my eyes with a few drugstore eye shadow palettes all up until 4 years later my husband (bf at the time) bought me my very first high end eye shadow palette by Urban Decay, Naked Palette (I think this was everyone’s first really good eye shadow palette).

My skin went through a series of breakouts and ups and downs, flare ups of irritant contact dermatitis etc from not adequately removing everything I put on during the day. I thought the option was to keep piling on more makeup to hide my skin. How wrong was I?


It’s so strange to now be at a point in my life where I couldn’t be more happier with the progress of my natural skin and how it looks naked. I still have a while yet till all my PIE is gone but it’s looking better already. All from detoxing from makeup. On the odd occasion I have allowed myself some concealer to brighten under my eyes and I do use mascara and brow powder regularly. But apart from that, sunscreen has been the only product I delightfully apply all over my face and neck everyday.

Why at 27 has this happened? I blame the grey hairs that have started to form around my temples. They’ve mysteriously vanished from my head thanks to some tweezers *ahem* But honestly the realisation of aging is getting to me and not in a bad way, just that I should be more focused on the beauty within and embrace a naked face. Prevention of wrinkles and dried out, leathery skin will keep me looking youthful for years yet. Not to mention the protection from skin cancer.

If I was born with no makeup then at my age now, that’s how I intend to confidently leave the house to go pick up some cat food at the shop.

Love yourself, love your health.

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