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9 months ago, DMP Health was born. Part the reason? To help spread the word about my brand. Yes I have a brand if you didn’t already know.

I sell one, humble product. A gentle, microfiber facial cloth.


Reason being, when I was younger, I used the corner of my facial towel to help remove dead skin cells and it actually helped smooth my skin out. Turns out, Derms often will recommend a wash cloth, terry cloth, micro fiber cloth to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells on your face. So I thought, why not create my own?

It is available on the US platform only for now but, if any Australians are interested, I can possibly do a giveaway and/or post some towels out to those wanting to try it out.

I named my blog DMP Health partly with the help of my initials because it was hard to come up with a name, but also the fact that I wanted it to be focused on health in general. Some posts you find on my blog from now on may be ‘diary like’.

It may leave you wondering, “why is she posting such and such content?”


Bare with me as I try to explain. In my opinion, an online blog can be interpreted as a place where a group of people gather to read and discuss certain topics, which I’m all for in the skincare and beauty department. But I want to blog about my thoughts, maybe the happenings on my life, I want to be more personable.

You see, I have a lot of thoughts. A lot. And I have the time to express them in a healthier way than just in my mind where they tend to run circles around me.

More About Me Here.

So I hope you enjoy if you decide to follow me. Links to all other social media are above the heading of this post.

Love your health.