My Skin Journey – Update #2

Apologies for this update being about 2 weeks late! Good news is if I get my butt into line, in 2 weeks time there will be another update as I need to see my GP again for a follow up.

Here is an update on everything I’m doing to currently treat my skin.

Finishing Doxycycline

I have completed my course of Doxycyline, at least I took approximately 2-3 months worth of tablets. Unfortunately I have not seen a major change in my skin. Though through some online research, I believe Doxy is more suited to those who are prone to bacterial acne.

Continuation of Yasmin

I continue to take these BC pills as they’re recommended for hormonal acne sufferers. I’m not convinced they’re doing anything my other BC pills have already done, which is not a lot.

My Thesis

I feel like I could write a book on my skin. I’ll try keep it simple. I think my acne could be caused by yeast aka fungal acne in layman terms. Scientifically referred to asΒ Malassezia Folliculitis.

These ‘acne’ like bumps have not responded to any of my attempts to reduce them as blackheads i.e closed comedones or regular papules with the use of many different AHA’s, BHA’s solutions.

I regularly experience symptoms of Sebhorreic Dermatitis on my ears, scalp, back of my neck, eyebrows and I get very itchy ear canals.

So I believe that this could possibly form a connection with the Facial texture and bumps all over my face.

Discussing this with my Doctor

Having explained my thoughts to my doctor, she recommended as I was already using Nizoral 2% Ketaconazole on my scalp once a week, that I use that as a face wash 3 times a week and slowly reduce to twice a week then once a week and then go back for a follow up check. Ketoconazole 1% or 2% is helpful in reducing Malassezia.

Results So Far

Nizoral works tremendously well for my scalp itchiness and as for my face, well it seems to be doing not a lot I think. 😐

Picture taken later in the day to prevent those fluids from covering the issues

There is a slight worsening of bumps on the forehead as they’ve become more raised. Possible purge?

Comparison Photos

Left, 24 September and below, today. I do notice it has flattened.

This can be a very drying routine so I am finding I have been able to scratch out little plugs of hardened sebum (very satisfying when they come out in their own). My face has been a little itchy and the plugs get scratched out under my nail *eew*

Nonetheless, I feel like using Nizoral as a face mask may be just drying the plugs out. I also strongly believe next appointment I will be getting referred out to a Dermatologist for review.

If you’re going to use Nizoral on your face (it’s available over the counter in Australia) then please patch test and do not use for more than 3 days a week as it can be very drying. I may do a specific post on this product.

Incorporating Aloe Vera Gel

Malassezia or fungal acne yeast feeds off a variety of ingredients. More on that later. So I have been desperate to find some moisture for my skin. Lo and behold I found out people have not only been using Aloe Vera Gel as a sunburn treatment but as a facial humectant!

This girl was extremely happy to harvest a leaf in her garden. I am pleased to say I absolutely love what it does for my skin. I will definitely write a post on this plant soon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this update on my skin. What do you guys think, am I being too critical?

This is long, tedious and extremely frustrating journey. Wish me luck.

Remember to love your health.

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