MAC Series – Fav #4, Red Brick Eye Shadow + Age Old Eye Shadow Trick!

Orange. I bet you’d never think to purchase this shade of eye shadow. Maybe you’re certain it wouldn’t suit you. Maybe you think it’d never work on your skin tone. Well let me tell you a little something about this colour.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “She’s lost it if she thinks I’m going to be applying that all over my lids!”

side eye

Wait! Don’t leave just yet. Now I’m not saying there aren’t some particularly photogenic individuals out there who couldn’t rock an entirely orange look. I’m talking using this shade in the slightest way possible to transform a dull look to a ka-pow look!

But first, a message from MAC;

A highly pigmented powder that applies evenly and blends well. Can be used wet or dry. Available in a wide variety of textures and finishes. Non-acnegenic.

‘Red Brick’ AUD$33, 1.5 g / 0.05 US oz



So why out of 105 shades available at MAC should you consider this one find a home in your collection or kit?

Firstly, I have a love affair with MAC shadows. Dare say it, more than Tarte’s shadows *gasp*

But other than the formula, lasting power and opacity, it’s the colour that works so brilliantly in almost every eye look.

By applying a smidge of this just above the crease between the brow bone, it gives a warmth particularly if you’ve used a lot of cool tones.

Something about this makes the colours beside it pop and give it a polished and professional look.

One way I incorporated ‘Red Brick’
Patch Testing.png
Another old makeup look from earlier this year featuring ‘Red Brick’

There’s More!

You can even put a little of this on your cheeks, another old trick similarly is applying some of your chosen blush to the area around your eyes to tie the look together. It really works!

Orange works with nearly every colour. Try it and see for yourself! MAC shadows again, an OG favourite of mine and the first mid-end cosmetics I purchased as a younger woman.

Let me know if you knew about this eye shadow trick below 🙂