This is not goodbye…

Dear Friends,

If you’re reading this, then thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to come and see what I have to say.

Looking at the tag line of my blog, “Love Your Health” got me thinking. The whole reason I started was because of my health. But I don’t feel like I’ve been loving myself or my health as of late.

This morning as I sat down drinking my morning coffee, I began to notice something I’d been ignoring. Me, myself and I.

Taking a step back from it all…

My mental space has been somewhat off kilter for the past few days and I have become increasingly less and less present with the world around me.

At some point, we all realise we need a time out. This time for me, has come.

Over the next coming weeks, I will be taking a break from the Blogging and Instagram world to prioritise my career, my e-commerce business, my home and effectively deal with life’s little unexpected stressors.

Essentially I will be following this mantra;

Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for taking care of

The Future

If it wasn’t for the wonderful group of people I’ve met online, I probably wouldn’t come back. This is not goodbye but at this point, I realise I need to re-focus on other things.

I’m so grateful for the friendships I have formed on both the blogging and IG platforms.

I will be around, just not as present as usual.

Remember to take some time for yourself, your mental and physical health, remember healthy boundaries and stay humble and kind.

I’ll leave you with this quote;

Just because I forgot to water the plant doesn’t mean I don’t care, I just forgot to water the plant.

Remember to love your health.


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2 thoughts on “This is not goodbye…”

  1. Take care of yourself, Diandra! I am going to miss seeing your messages (or at least, seeing them as frequently), but it is so important to take breaks from social media when you feel like you need one, and to focus on our lives outside of the internet! Glad you are taking a much-needed break away from everything!

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    1. Aww you’re such a sweetheart! Thank you so much, it means so much to have you as a friend.

      I will definitely hope to check in as much as I can. It brings me a lot of joy interacting with all the cool people like yourself I’ve met along the way πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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