Casual Friday’s – What are you grateful for today?

We're switched on 24/7. Have access to the internet, social media and the world in the palm of our hands. How do you essentially switch off and remain mindful? I encourage you to each day, spend 5 minutes writing down what you're grateful for. It helps your mind shift into seeing the positive instead of [...]

MAC Series – Fav #1, Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

I have a very soft spot for MAC products. They were my first ever high end purchase as a budding makeup lover years ago. My first purchase? The wonderful Studio Fix Fluid for none other than that completely flawless, matte base I was after. I cringe slightly knowing that my skin was actually pretty good [...]

Casual Friday’s – A 2018 Slightly Disney Inspired Halloween

Casual Friday’s – A 2018 Slightly Disney Inspired Halloween

I'm pretty envious of kids in Australia nowadays. October brings with it stores where shelves are stocked with grim grinning pumpkins, ugly old hags, creepy skulls my child self would have jumped on at the chance. Celebrating Halloween just wasn't done in the 90s and early 00s Australia. *womp womp* And yes, I chose to upload [...]