Relaxing Night Time Routine

So it may be the end of a long week and you’re looking for a little me time?

Here’s my rendition of a relaxing evening routine that will have you ready for the land of relaxation and slumber.


  • Pour yourself a mug or glass of your favourite drink and head on over to the ‘spa’ *ahem* your bathroom
  • Remove all your jewellery and accessories and put your hair up into a bun so it’s out of the way. I love using a fuzzy hair turban too πŸ™‚
  • Fill up your bath tub and add your favourite bath bomb, bath salts or bubble bath product and as you wait,
  • Complete your skincare routine to remove sunscreen/and or makeup
  • Apply a sheet mask or any mask of your choice to your face, you could even use this as an opportunity to use some nose strips (the pain of ripping it off after kind of puts me off adding this to a relaxing night time routine, but the option is there)
  • Take a long soak in the bath
  • Take advantage of the bath water and use an exfoliating mitt/glove or body scrub to get rid of all your dead skin cells, something I neglect to do when taking a quick shower!
  • Moisturise your body with your fav body lotion and don’t forget to apply serums, lotions and moisturisers to your face as well
  • Get into your PJ’s
  • Make yourself a warm drink such as decaf coffee, hot tea or a hot chocolate
  • Eat an indulgent snack
  • Moisturise your hands and apply your favourite lip balm/mask to hydrate your lips
  • I like to read a magazine or book, sometimes watch IG stories and I do catch up with some of my YouTube subscriptions. All of the latter make me somewhat tired although I know the screens aren’t the best *cringes*
  • Write down your to do list for the next day or week
  • Reflect on goals, past achievements buy writing them down in a journal or you could put a little mediation music on and visualise

Do you have a relaxing technique you’d like to share? Or maybe you could use a few of these for your next at home spa session. I hope it gave you some relatively easy ideas.

Remember to always take a little time out of your day for ‘me time’.

Love your health.


Featured Image Photo byΒ Holger LinkΒ onΒ Unsplash

Healthy Snacks that won’t make you feel guilty

Did you know that thirst can actually make you feel hungry? Try drinking one glass of water before you reach for that Snickers bar. If after 30 min you still aren’t satisfied, then you may eat something. So what to choose? You’ll want to find something that will satisfy your hunger but also be nutritious.

A healthy selection of delicious snacks include;

  • 2 tablespoons of peanut or almond butter, smooth or crunchy or something in between, whatever you fancy really
  • Apple quarters topped with about 2 tablespoons of peanut or almond butter dusted with a sprinkling of cinnamon
  • Yoghurt and berry bowl (I love strawberries but you can mix any in really like blueberries or raspberries) You could even top this with a sprinkling of protein mix
  • Carrot or celery sticks, tricks my mind into thinking I’m eating chips
  • Hommus and brown crackers
  • Popcorn, homemade with kernels is best with a sprinkling of salt or cinnamon
  • Fruit. Yes too much fructose is not a good thing but I ate all the fruit I wanted for dessert most nights and still lost weight however, I advise you proceed with caution


Remember; munching on sweet and salty snacks occasionally is okay. Treat yourself! But also be honest with yourself. If you’re putting in more than you exert in physical activity then maybe it’s time for a change.

Love your health.


Featured Image Photo byΒ Brooke CagleΒ onΒ Unsplash

Casual Friday’s – Easter 2019 – Easy, No Bake Easter Egg Slice Recipe

I try to bake something at least once a week.Β  For the most part I try to do clean eating Monday through Friday and once we hit the end of the week, I’m ready for a little sweet.

As it’s the Easter long weekend, I thought I’d do a bit of themed/festive baking. Well technically refrigerating in this case!

Easter Egg Slice (1)



That’s it folks! Enjoy this slice all at once or store it up to 1 week in a container in your fridge.

Have a Happy Easter!


Strategies for a Mindful Life

How can you effectively pull yourself together when things get rough? Everyday life stressors are normal, but we need to form healthy habits of mind to conquer fears and focus on forward thinking.

Remove Your Phone

Reaching for my phone first thing in the morning is usually to turn my alarm off. But then the temptation to check my email inbox, followed by social media soon follows. Coming out of a hopefully restful slumber, to immediately checking your phone creates unnecessary stress to the brain when it automatically is forced to begin processing too much information without ‘waking up’.

Tip: Think about getting a traditional alarm clock and going to sleep with your phone charging in a different room overnight. This means no distractions that disrupt sleep time and wake time.


My regular watch needs to get a new battery installed so in the meantime, I rescued my husbands Fit Bit Blaze from it’s position collecting dust on his bedside table. Not only is it helping me track time, daily steps, water intake etc, but I found a cool little ‘Relax’ setting that provides a 2 minute or 5 minute breathing session. It’s amazing what deep breathing can do for slowing down your heart rate but it’s also a great way to distract your mind from anxious thoughts.

Tip: Take a 4 second long inhale through your nostrils, and exhale through your mouth lasting about 4 seconds.

Photo byΒ Robin BenzrihemΒ onΒ Unsplash

Gratitude Journal/Diary

When the months fly by as quickly as they do these days, (hello Easter!) then it’s quite easy to forget about personal goals we have achieved and those we wish to make in future.

Tip: Each day, take some time to list 5 things you’re grateful for in your life. This might be something you wish to incorporate into a morning routine to help your day get off on the right foot. Add to this list daily.


Keep to a routine even if you’re home all day. It’s tempting to stay in your PJ’s or comfy sloth clothes when you don’t have somewhere to be (it’s okay to do this every now and then of course).

Tip: Having a shower, combing your hair, even putting on some light makeup, a bold lipstick, spray your favourite perfume or cologne, or putting some effort into how you dress/style your clothes can be a tremendous confidence boost. If you look good, chances are you feel good too.


Even something as simple as a change of scenery can help change your mood. Move to a different room or better yet, go outside for some air. Getting outside is an amazing distraction as well.

Tip: Why not take a small walk around the block or visit a local library, sit at a park and maybe smile at someone coming your way. It can lift your mood instantly while giving you time to reflect.

Love your health.


Featured image. Photo byΒ Colton DukeΒ onΒ Unsplash

Casual Friday’s – 4 Reasons You Should Never be Sorry for Taking a Break from Social Media

The world of social media is an abundant land of curiosity and exploration, ways to catch up with family, friends and even to promote ones business.

Here are 4 reasons you should never be sorry for taking time to compose yourself.

Mental Health

Social media has a way of sucking us in. Before we know it, we’ve spent more time than we should have allowed to like all those Instagram pics or tweets from our favourite celebrities.

It’s also difficult to switch off when we’re always so available. We’re always one phone call, text or email away and while in some situations this is helpful, we’ve all felt the pressure of it.

It’s important to take time to switch off your technology, go for a walk and practice some self-care. More on that in this post here.

Life Happens

We all have commitments and sometimes they take over and this is okay. We can’t always expect to be on top of everything always and some things will fall by the way side while others take priority.

Let things be as they are. Have focus and direction towards you goals by writing down ideas and notes so when you’re ready for it, you can get back to regular programming.

Spark Joy

Ever feel like you don’t have the inspiration to do anything creative? That’s been me more than a few times!

It’s important to exercise your brain and by that I mean push it a little further than usual. However, if you’re finding it difficult to keep up and provide constant content, then take a step back and reevaluate why you’re feeling that way. It should bring you enjoyment. Once it starts dragging you down it’s a good time to re-evaluate some things like who you follow and see if that effects your experience online.

Enjoying the Present

I love catching up on social media as well as sharing some aesthetically pleasing shots of places I go etc. It’s fun! But even though we can contact someone who can be a whole town, state, or country away, we can forget about the moment and those that are right beside us.

Check out the apps Offtime and SPACE:Β BreakFree both available for download on iOS and android that add time limits to your selected apps helping reduce too much screen time on your device.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, remember to love your health.


Casual Friday’s – Anime Me + Makeup Look

For the longest time I’ve dreamt of having pink hair, something that sparks joy for me if you will.

I mean you have to admit, it’s fun to have mermaid coloured hair!

I purchased this wig mid 2018 and began a mission to create the perfect look.

Dying & straightening a synthetic, heat resistant wig

I wasn’t entirely happy with the shade of pink it was dyed or the curls set by the manufacturers but I decided to scour YouTube in an effort to find out if and how I could dye it and straighten it.

Check out this awesome lady, Alexa Poletti and her playlist on wigs including all your essentials.

Queen of everything front lace wigs and former? employee and model of Rockstar Wigs USA.

I followed her, “How to dye a synthetic wig” and “How to straighten your wig” video tutorials.

Lots of synthetic hair, nice cut/shape with layers and definitely not cheap looking
I forget how many inches this is but it’s long


I’m not 100% finished with the wig and the dying process takes patience but it’s a fun on the side hobby I go back to every now and then. It feels like I’m playing hairdresser πŸ˜€

I used both Sharpie and Artline texter’s to colour my wig in purple’s and pinks. I also have to fix up the lace hair line with a bit of concealer (which I forgot to do before taking these pictures *oops*) because they went a little pink during the dying process.

Pink Eye Shadow Look

Pink everywhere!

I really want to make it a goal to purchase bright coloured eye shadow palettes and then play with colours more in 2019.

I don’t have any brightly coloured palettes at the moment so I improvised a little.

Thank you Tarte’s Color Wheel of Amazonian Clay Blushes!
  • Using the blush colours Deco and Surreal buffed into the crease
Just look at those pans
  • I then used Urban Decay Naked palette’s shade Sin for the middle for a halo effect
  • I also used a bit of MUFE Palette 9 Artist Shadow purple shade in M-842 to deepen the outer V
Second from the top, M-842
  • A thin line of liquid liner and some mascara and falsies finished the look


20190127013453_img_4592That’s it my friends! I hope you enjoyed a few extra snaps of me in my wig and a look into how I created this eye look.

Love your health.


Casual Friday’s – DAISO Mini Haul

I‘m officially obsessed with DAISO. Where nearly everything is AUD$2.80, how can you not love this shop?

Not to mention the unbelievable variety!

Unfortunately DAISO’s stores in Australia come few and far between Sydney. I had to do a little travelling to get to my ‘local’ shop but it was so worth it though.

Beauty Related Items

I will post a review on the performance of this makeup brush cleaner

Feeding my Disney Addiction

Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t come home with more Disney stuff

Thank you DAISO for making so many cute Disney items available. I can’t find stuff like this anywhere else.


Annnnnd I went back a second time ^_^

Prime Photo Editor20181210_104512
Makeup pads, water absorbent hair band and the Puff Sponge Detergent (will review this too)

Have you got any DAISOΒ beauty products or any product must haves I should check out? Let me know in a comment below πŸ™‚

I’ll be going back in the new year most probably!