This is not goodbye…

Dear Friends,

If you’re reading this, then thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to come and see what I have to say.

Looking at the tag line of my blog, “Love Your Health” got me thinking. The whole reason I started was because of my health. But I don’t feel like I’ve been loving myself or my health as of late.

This morning as I sat down drinking my morning coffee, I began to notice something I’d been ignoring. Me, myself and I.

Taking a step back from it all…

My mental space has been somewhat off kilter for the past few days and I have become increasingly less and less present with the world around me.

At some point, we all realise we need a time out. This time for me, has come.

Over the next coming weeks, I will be taking a break from the Blogging and Instagram world to prioritise my career, my e-commerce business, my home and effectively deal with life’s little unexpected stressors.

Essentially I will be following this mantra;

Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for taking care of

The Future

If it wasn’t for the wonderful group of people I’ve met online, I probably wouldn’t come back. This is not goodbye but at this point, I realise I need to re-focus on other things.

I’m so grateful for the friendships I have formed on both the blogging and IG platforms.

I will be around, just not as present as usual.

Remember to take some time for yourself, your mental and physical health, remember healthy boundaries and stay humble and kind.

I’ll leave you with this quote;

Just because I forgot to water the plant doesn’t mean I don’t care, I just forgot to water the plant.

Remember to love your health.


DMP Health Returning – 23 January 2019

It’s Boxing Day already! As we ring in the new year, it’s time for a short message.

2018 has been huge in terms of blogging and content creating for me. I’m happy it’s kept me focused and productive. Thank you to my followers, subscribers and readers for taking the time out of your busy lives to read or watch what I share. I hope it’s been entertaining!


To wrap it up, DMP Health will be taking a short break from Boxing Day to 23 January 2019. Wow it’s so strange to write “two thousand and nineteen” now. That’s going to take some getting used to.

I will still be posting to Instagram Stories (be sure to be following me) and interacting with all of you over the break. I feel like as this is a slow period; people are away on holiday/vacation and don’t always have the time to watch social media etc it’s worth a rest to generate more energy and ideas. I’ll be back ready to go in the new year!

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing to celebrate. Whether you’re going out to a party, going out to a club to dance your way into 2019 or staying at home with a few close loved ones, it’s okay.

Stay safe I hope you have a pleasant New Years Eve/Day.

As always, love your health


Blogging is Expensive!

I have to be entirely honest, at this very moment in time, I just don’t have the money to purchase all the fantastic new skincare and cosmetics on the market.

I’ve been in and out of blogging and Instagram for a while and pretty much disappeared off YouTube, but that’s a whole other story for another time.

Homer GIF
YouTube making me do this right now

Instagram and WordPressΒ remains for now, the platforms I wish to promote, review and advise on. Thing is I don’t have a small fortune to solely dedicate on new products every week as much as I’d love to. With my ever increasing love for skincare, trust I’d rather be out everyday shopping for new researched products and helping you guys out the same. However, I am living vicariously through the wonderful community of unique individuals I follow online who provide awesome content.

β™« Bills Bills BillsΒ β™«

That song by Destiny’s Child is playing in my mind. When you’re my age, married with a house/mortgage and everything in between to keep a household running, there’s not a lot left to spend on hobbies.

When I started promoting myself online, I had quite a lot I wanted to share and I did so. Heck, I think I have an entire drawer filled with things I could possibly review now that I have’t but it’s not new and it’s not fresh or relevant.

Then I started to get bogged down, all the effort with very little evidence of reaching an audience. At the risk of making this sound like a rant I want to be clear that it’s difficult to ‘break’ into anything these days. Unless of course someone with an incredible amount of followers on YouTube/IG/Snapchat gives you a shout out, or you’re miraculously discovered online by your unbelievable talent (Justin Beiber style). Odds are pretty slim.

Motivation – Why I’m Continuing & You Should Too

I’m not in this for fame. I’m in this for helping others out.

I’m not going to force myself to create content and neither should you. The pressure to produce content leads to burn out. When our audiences demand a schedule of 40 min vlogs and descriptive, heavily picture laden blogs every day of the week in can get a little stressful.

We’re all just trying to keep our heads above the water. We should keep doing what makes us happy without running the risk of going broke. If this truly makes us happy then we should keep going, once you start hating it, then it’s time to close that door and wait for the next door of opportunity to open.

So I hope this reaches someone and gives you the motivation to keep doing what you love πŸ™‚


On this day 28 years ago…

I was born at 17:25pm, Thursday 4 October 1990.

Today, a reflection on the things I’ve learned and so, to whoever is reading this, I truly hope this finds you well. If I had this list with me as a young child or through my teenage years, I know it would’ve inspired me somehow.

  • Do not personalise everything. Thinking things that happen as if everything and everyone is out to make my life worse is not true.
  • There are plenty of A-holes out there. Choose to be mature and not acknowledge your dislike for them.
  • Others’ problems with me are not my problems.
  • Create healthy boundaries. Whether it be with your husband, in-laws, family, friends or colleagues.
  • Before you get angry, ask yourself how you could have made this situation worse than it should have been.
  • I am not my past.
  • I can’t do it all in life. Having goals is great, sometimes things are just not meant to be.
  • But, I am capable of anything. We need to at least start something, somewhere to open the doors of possibilities. The Universe will do the rest.
  • Our passions guide us. Let them motivate us.
  • I am loved.
  • I am wanted.
  • Life is way too short.
  • I am perfectly fine at whichever point I’m in life right now. If you are wanting to end it all however, this is not okay and you can be okay with help.
  • Forgiving myself is the first step.
  • I am the creator of my one and only life.
  • I control my mind, it does not control me.
  • Practicing self-care each day will make me more mindful.
  • Do not be afraid.



My Blog

9 months ago, DMP Health was born. Part the reason? To help spread the word about my brand. Yes I have a brand if you didn’t already know.

I sell one, humble product. A gentle, microfiber facial cloth.


Reason being, when I was younger, I used the corner of my facial towel to help remove dead skin cells and it actually helped smooth my skin out. Turns out, Derms often will recommend a wash cloth, terry cloth, micro fiber cloth to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells on your face. So I thought, why not create my own?

It is available on the US platform only for now but, if any Australians are interested, I can possibly do a giveaway and/or post some towels out to those wanting to try it out.

I named my blog DMP Health partly with the help of my initials because it was hard to come up with a name, but also the fact that I wanted it to be focused on health in general. Some posts you find on my blog from now on may be ‘diary like’.

It may leave you wondering, “why is she posting such and such content?”


Bare with me as I try to explain. In my opinion, an online blog can be interpreted as a place where a group of people gather to read and discuss certain topics, which I’m all for in the skincare and beauty department. But I want to blog about my thoughts, maybe the happenings on my life, I want to be more personable.

You see, I have a lot of thoughts. A lot. And I have the time to express them in a healthier way than just in my mind where they tend to run circles around me.

More About Me Here.

So I hope you enjoy if you decide to follow me. Links to all other social media are above the heading of this post.

Love your health.




My naked face is giving me more confidence than makeup ever did…

Every weekday afternoon from the age of about 8 years old, at 4:30 pm my grandmother asked me to turn off my VCR tapes and change the channel to her favourite soap, The Bold and the Beautiful.

At first I was annoyed at her need to stop me in the middle of watching my favourite things.


But after a few sighs, I recoiled on the couch and watched a little of her show. Soaps have a magnificent way of sucking you into the drama that unfolds for weeks on end. How many marriages has Brooke Logan had to Ridge Forrester in all these years? Anyway I digress, as I sat there feeling very blasΓ© about what was unfolding on the screen, I began to notice the flawless makeup application on the lead female actors.

Their skin was matte and perfectly smooth. Their eye makeup was so complimentary to their face, eye shape and eye colour. I was mesmorised by it, how did they do it?


Then approximately 10 years from that point, at the age of 16, I came upon YouTube and the wonderful OG beauty gurus sharing their personal videos on makeup application. I was wide eyed and young and so in love with creating a contoured eye look.Β The way people used brushes and shadows on their eyes sparked a need to replicate the art they so effortlessly managed. And I could learn it all from home for free?

I was hooked. Covering my face in a thick layer of my very first high end foundation I’d bought theΒ MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation with some birthday money I’d received that year was the best fifty bucks I’d spent in a long time. I was transformed into a matte, oil-free mannequin. Swirling colours onto my eyes with a few drugstore eye shadow palettes all up until 4 years later my husband (bf at the time) bought me my very first high end eye shadow palette by Urban Decay, Naked Palette (I think this was everyone’s first really good eye shadow palette).

My skin went through a series of breakouts and ups and downs, flare ups of irritant contact dermatitis etc from not adequately removing everything I put on during the day. I thought the option was to keep piling on more makeup to hide my skin. How wrong was I?


It’s so strange to now be at a point in my life where I couldn’t be more happier with the progress of my natural skin and how it looks naked. I still have a while yet till all my PIE is gone but it’s looking better already. All from detoxing from makeup. On the odd occasion I have allowed myself some concealer to brighten under my eyes and I do use mascara and brow powder regularly. But apart from that, sunscreen has been the only product I delightfully apply all over my face and neck everyday.

Why at 27 has this happened? I blame the grey hairs that have started to form around my temples. They’ve mysteriously vanished from my head thanks to some tweezers *ahem* But honestly the realisation of aging is getting to me and not in a bad way, just that I should be more focused on the beauty within and embrace a naked face. Prevention of wrinkles and dried out, leathery skin will keep me looking youthful for years yet. Not to mention the protection from skin cancer.

If I was born with no makeup then at my age now, that’s how I intend to confidently leave the house to go pick up some cat food at the shop.

Love yourself, love your health.

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Where I’ve Been – Small Update

Dear fellow bloggers who have suffered with writers & content block.

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t suffered with this? I applaud you if you haven’t as coming up with ideas to blog about can be difficult. Alas, is blogging really all that fun when you have to research content?

Sure we all know posting regularly ensures that we’re actually present on social media but I found myself about 2 months ago at a transition point on my blogging journey. I was uploading to YouTube 3 times a week, blogging 3 times a week and promoting it on Instagram and Twitter. Burnt out is what made me come to a standstill.


I have come to realise that if I don’t have the spark to write or post or film, I shouldn’t do it. It only makes for boring content no one wants to watch or read. So I decided in the past few weeks that I’d only post what I had a passion for, not to say everything I posted wasn’t something I really wanted to share. I just didn’t want to put that pressure on myself as I had been to come up with and force content.

In our home, we’ve also been working on adding a bathtub to our bathroom and fixing up our backyard and garden to make it what we’ve always wanted. Home renovations suck up your time, energy and weekends especially when you’re working on it all yourself. But change is good. It’s made me think about sharing what I’m really passionate about. I love to share skincare products and skincare information as I think it’s important to stay informed.

I post regularly to Instagram so be sure as to check out my page for skincare content on the daily!

Take care and remember to love your health

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