What Are Deluxe Fibers?

Soft like a cloud. With our Deluxe Fiber Properties, we’ll have your skin feeling like brand new, in just one use!

DELUXE FIBER INNOVATION – For a deep, thorough cleanse you can certainly feel, Deluxe Fibers are gentle yet have the durability to last. Cleanse, exfoliate and remove makeup all in one easy step and allow your skin to be the epitome of beauty with DMP Health Deluxe Fiber Facial Cloth.

DMP Deluxe Fibers

Plush 400gsm count thread and strong woven interlock trim. Deluxe Fibers work to cleanse deep down.

DMP Cloth Fibres


Face 1

Here at DMP Health we encourage you to get the healthy complexion you’ve always wanted with our tried and tested product and LOVE YOUR HEALTH!

Available on Amazon.com search; DMP Health Deluxe Fiber Facial Cloth.