How You Could Be Causing Unintentional Breakouts

What do these things have in common; diet, age, hormones, genetics, alcohol consumption and air pollution?

These are just some of the more well known triggers of acne breakouts. But did you know that something like your everyday toothpaste could be breaking you out? Who would have thought as you silently scrub your pearly whites that you could possibly be aggravating your skin? If you’re here from my latest video:

I’ll share another potential everyday item (for some) that may lead to breakouts.

I remember about a year ago I was scouring internet forums reading countless amounts of topics about skin when I happened across a post which mentioned toothpaste and shampoo ingredients can cause breakouts. It’s funny but I’d never considered even some of them but there’s such a possibility that they could be the cause of little bumps and irritation. Today I share with you ways you could be unintentionally causing skin drama.

Your Phone

Yes, your little PC in your pocket could be making those bumps rise like Krakatoa on your face. With the risk of sounding like a germaphobe here’s how it could happen. We wash our hands as soon as we come home from an outing because we know we just drove home, touched our steering wheel, those hands just touched the shopping trolley/cart that only 30 minutes before you was being pushed around by a guy/girl who had a raging cold and transferred his/her germs all over the handle bar and oh I don’t know, he/she could have touched their own oily face too transferring more icky bacteria all over the place. In between all that, we just got an important phone call and touched our mobile/cell. I promise I don’t think of all that when I come home, I just routinely run to the basin. But think of the times you put that phone to your face or text your mum/mom or friends and then scratch your nose or chin and then there they are, having a party on your face. My solution is to always wipe down my phone with an antibacterial wipe or anything containing alcohol in it. Just be sure it’s safe to use on your phone because you don’t want a damaged phone!


We rest our pretty faces on these things for 6 + hours a night so lets get real. When’s the last time you washed your bed sheets? Keeping your pillowcases clean means that you’re placing your face down on a surface that is free from germ build up. Also you’ll find that some skin care products can transfer onto them which is inevitable but try to wash them regularly. If you’re super duper hygienic then maybe change them every two days.


How do you wash your hair? Many do so standing upright, (I tip my head over and have my hair wash straight onto the shower floor if that makes sense). I think it’s pretty uncommon but for most, the upright way is the way. You’ll find shampoo gathers around your forehead, sideburns, cheeks and even down your neck, back and chest. If you’ve noticed any breakouts on your body it could be from the ingredients in your good old shampoo. Take a look at the products list of long, crazy words you can’t pronounce. The more familiar you become the more you take notice of some repeat offenders that routinely cause irritation and give them the flick.


Brushing your teeth is a double daily do and quite like the shampoo, has the chance to get on the surrounding skin around your mouth. If you notice redness, irritation or any other bumps central to this area and no where else then this may be the cause! Try switching to another brand that may prove to keep your skin happier.


Finally, if you’ve read to the very end (pats on back) thank you. Add these little guys to your once a week wash list. For most, sunglasses are a trendy staple for protecting your peepers but for others like me I also wear glasses for distance mostly driving and watching TV, others for close up, reading the daily newspaper, Cosmo mag or Kindle book. We touch these very often in fact putting them on and taking them off our faces. The frames are probably the most irritating as they smudge but being that they have such a close proximity to our eyes and face it could be a potential health hazard! I give my lenses a good spray with the solution however I wash my entire glasses frames and all with antibacterial dish washing soap about once a week for a thorough clean. I don’t want to be responsible for any ruined prescription glasses because we all know they aren’t cheap, so do so with caution! Dry immediately after. Honestly, my lenses are never clearer and those nasty germs are banished. Side note: remember to wash your little glass cleaning cloths regularly too!

I hope you enjoy and gained some insightful information on the pesky ways our day to day items and routines could play havoc with your skin.

Remember to love your health! πŸ™‚

Dee X