Why I Won’t Be Buying Any Other Falsies

Because I’ve found my holy grail false lashes brand *heavenly music plays*.

Nikkia Joy Cosmetics is by far the most comfortable brand of eyelashes I have purchased.

Seriously if you have sensitive eyes, small eyes or eyes that easily water, get your hands on these lashes ASAP. She ships internationally so no excuses! The only thing these lashes don’t do is stop my nose from getting itchy and watery. Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets this not long after applying lashes?

Proud to see the gorgeous Nikkia Joy, fellow Australian YouTuber doing so well with her eCommerce brand Nikkia Joy Cosmetics. I’m all for supporting small businesses and she definitely deserves the recognition and praise!

I first made a purchase back in December ’17 from memory not long after her official launch. ‘Georgia’ lashes from her Faux Mink Collection is a light weight, feathery strip lash that feels as comfortable on the eye as when you touch it with your fingers. Named after her super cute pup Georgia too! πŸ™‚

Here’s an older video of my review and try on.

My second purchase were the popular, ‘Melanie’ lashes from the Classics Collection. I can say I’ve bought 3 pairs of these and keep reaching for these most often in my makeup drawer. They are so flattering on my eye shape! Not too heavy and definitely do not over power my slightly hooded eyes (I’m still saying my eye space is kind of smallish). Perfect for a day or night look they’re simply stunning and I always receive compliments on them.

Hand crafted lashes that are created so well, I wear each pair 20+ times which gives you a real bang for your buck.

Over the Easter long weekend I was excited to purchase more lashes I have yet to try as there was a large sale on all her products. For the first time I got ‘The Petite’ set of lashes and the ‘Ashleigh’ lashes to try. 5 new styles I can’t wait to experiment with different eyeΒ  makeup looks.

So check out her website and get some beautiful lashes now. Be sure to follow her on YouTube and her other social media platforms for fantastic content in the beauty category.


Thank you Nikkia for creating a brand of false lashes for girls like us who’d rather not have wings attached to our eyelids lol.

Remember to love your health! πŸ™‚

Dee X