Bare Minerals – Original SPF 15 Foundation Review

Bare Minerals – Original SPF 15 Foundation Review

Something about Bare Minerals makes me nostalgic. Taking me back to a teenage me breaking into the makeup and beauty world. It's definitely OG status and recently, slowly making a comeback. Many will say it's messy and difficult to make work. I'm here to convince you otherwise. I really was pleasantly surprised with this foundation. [...]

The Great Debate – Matte or Glossy Lips?

Lip Smackers were my first ever lip product. I wish I could remember the flavour but knowing my child self or heck, myself now, it was probably a purple one I selected off the shelf. Grape maybe? Ask someone who went to school with me, they'll always remember I had a lip product in my [...]

4 tips for drinking more water

As we bleary eyed Aussies step outside tentatively as the Winter chill starts to lift, the cold weather certainly doesn't help remind us to be sipping on a glasses of water periodically throughout the day. Most of us won't drink in colder weather because we're simply not thirsty. But it's important to drink water no [...]

My Blog

9 months ago, DMP Health was born. Part the reason? To help spread the word about my brand. Yes I have a brand if you didn't already know. I sell one, humble product. A gentle, microfiber facial cloth. Reason being, when I was younger, I used the corner of my facial towel to help remove [...]

My Skin Journey

My Skin Journey

If you're a subscriber to my blog you'll know how much I express the need for a basic and simple skin care routine to which (I think) I've done. I suppose this is a very intimate type of post. Anyone and everyone can view it and it'll be plastered online for all to see once [...]

My naked face is giving me more confidence than makeup ever did…

Every weekday afternoon from the age of about 8 years old, at 4:30 pm my grandmother asked me to turn off my VCR tapes and change the channel to her favourite soap, The Bold and the Beautiful. At first I was annoyed at her need to stop me in the middle of watching my favourite [...]