Could Water Be Doing Your Face More Harm Than Good?

In my time browsing skincare forums and blogs alike, I’ve often seen people mention that water irritated their skin and caused breakouts, flare ups and even allergic contact dermatitis. Could this be the case for you too?

H20 is actually an irritant to the epidermis and although we use it everyday to bathe and wash in, it’s doing us more harm than we’d like to consider. Have you ever considered how after repeat hand washing (particularly if you work or have worked in the healthcare and food industry) creates dry, cracked and even bleeding hands? Not to mention when the cold comes around and the winter whips your exposed hands they turn to white, pale, crusty forms of what they once were. It works the same with our bodies and face.

Okay lets pull hard up on the reigns here, I’m not saying don’t use water to wash your face or bathe in ever again because then what other option would we have?

Hard water (from the tap or faucet) essentially is stripping the moisture from our skin the moment it makes contact and makes our skin do an, “oh no moment”. Typically it starts to put it’s self into produce oil gear and if you’re not right there to replenish the moisture back in. That’s why it’s so crucial to healthy and happy skin.

Number 1 Tip For Stopping Water From Irritating You

Use lukewarm water to rinse, wash and bathe in. It’s no use startling your skin with cold water that’ll have it thinking you fell into the North Atlantic Ocean that born the iceberg from Titanic. Nor will you do it any favours if you have a seething hot shower. Luke warm is just comfortable enough not to irritate your skin.

If you still find that water is irritating, then I’d suggest trying to use Micellar Water as it the next best option to filtered water. See your healthcare professional if nothing else seems to work to solve acne and other skin related issues.

Do you drink the recommended amount of water daily? I fail 😦

Remember as always, love your skin, love your health!



Why Drinking Lots Of Water WON’T Solve Skin Problems

How many times have you heard drinking lots of water gives you clearer skin? Even if you drank 2 litres of water a day, it’s definitely going to keep your body hydrated which is so important and have you running to the toilet every 30 mins!

Contrary to popular belief, this became a beauty tip from beauty bloggers and influencers and to this day I believe most will agree. I’ve also heard plenty of the opposite people who drank A LOT of water and still experienced acne and breakouts. So why is this? Well both are true to a degree but scientifically one is more correct.

Sure water keeps you hydrated but studies have shown that unless you’re extremely dehydrated, the water you consume won’t reach the upper layer of your skin. It just simply doesn’t work that way. Dermatologists recommend that you prevent water loss by using moisturisers, creams, lotions containing emollient ingredients that will help to add moisture to the skin and keep it there.

To get straight to the point you should continue to drink the recommended amount of water each day because water is life πŸ™‚

Also, try a KISS skincare routine to help regulate your skins moisture barrier.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Moisturise
  4. Sunscreen

If you don’t see even a small improvement in your skin in a few days or a minimum of 28 days (how long the skin takes to turn over naturally) then please see a healthcare professional for professional advice that will get you back to happy and healthy skin.

Keep smiling and love your health πŸ™‚


Sleeping In Your Makeup = Ruined Skin

Gasp! You did what last night?

Okay I promise not to tell anybody. But did you know sleeping in your makeup can cause breakouts? I was one of those people until I found out how bad for your skin it really is.

Picture this, if you went ahead and applied makeup at 7am and then come 7pm you’re done and dusted for the day ready to hop straight into bed after dinner, technically you would have been wearing your makeup for 10 hours straight.

When you head to the land of nod you need to get rid of any makeup you’ve worn in the day as number one, it’ll get over your pillowcase, stain it and then create a breeding ground of bacteria with oil and dirt.

Trust me on this you will feel amazing heading to sleep with a clean face and your complexion will thank you for it.

Tips For Mastering Makeup Removal!

  1. Begin your routine in the shower. Keep your cleanser and exfoliator inside the shower or next to your bath so you can see it then remember to wash your face.
  2. When you step out of the shower, now is the time to apply any chemical acids, serums and let them wait as you comb your hair and blow dry. 30 minutes should be perfect!
  3. Keep all your moisturizers on your bedside table and you’ll never forget to put them on at night. I always keep my face, hand cream and lip balm next to my lamp and apply all three before hopping into bed.

So you’ve got that down pat, but what’s in it for you I hear you ask?

Here’s What You’ll Get In Return For Your Efforts

The benefits for you are your pores on your face will unplug which means no acne, breakouts and the other annoying skin problems when you wake up. The best way to keep your skin happy and healthy is by following a skin care routine that works for you. If you’d like to see an example of mine check out my video below.

When’s the last time you forgot to take your makeup off before bed? Be honest!

Remember to love your health!

Dee X