Why Drinking Lots Of Water WON’T Solve Skin Problems

How many times have you heard drinking lots of water gives you clearer skin? Even if you drank 2 litres of water a day, it’s definitely going to keep your body hydrated which is so important and have you running to the toilet every 30 mins!

Contrary to popular belief, this became a beauty tip from beauty bloggers and influencers and to this day I believe most will agree. I’ve also heard plenty of the opposite people who drank A LOT of water and still experienced acne and breakouts. So why is this? Well both are true to a degree but scientifically one is more correct.

Sure water keeps you hydrated but studies have shown that unless you’re extremely dehydrated, the water you consume won’t reach the upper layer of your skin. It just simply doesn’t work that way. Dermatologists recommend that you prevent water loss by using moisturisers, creams, lotions containing emollient ingredients that will help to add moisture to the skin and keep it there.

To get straight to the point you should continue to drink the recommended amount of water each day because water is life πŸ™‚

Also, try a KISS skincare routine to help regulate your skins moisture barrier.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Moisturise
  4. Sunscreen

If you don’t see even a small improvement in your skin in a few days or a minimum of 28 days (how long the skin takes to turn over naturally) then please see a healthcare professional for professional advice that will get you back to happy and healthy skin.

Keep smiling and love your health πŸ™‚


My Evening Skin Care Routine + Double Deluxe Exfoliation Method

Today I share with you my evening skin care routine and a little something extra!

I use my DMP Health Deluxe Fiber Facial Cloth to remove my makeup (video explanation will be below if you’re interested). It’s also a bonus as it’s a physical form of exfoliation that doesn’t give you the harshness of some facial brushes. So if you’re considering changing up or adding to your current routine then keep reading or watching if you’d prefer.

PM Routine

  1. Remove makeup – Deluxe Fiber Facial Cloth – Also acts as secondary physical exfoliant
  2. Cleanse – Skin Doctors pH Balancing Cleanser with AHA – Chemical exfoliant
  3. Apply Serum or Creams – The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% – Acts as AHA Chemical Peel (1-2 nights a week)
  4. Spot treat – Tea Tree Oil (when required)
  5. Moisturize – Neutrogena Combination Skin Moisturizer

I allow about 30 min to pass in between my cleanser, then my serum and spot treatments and then by the time I go to sleep it’s about 60 minutes after all my chemical exfoliants have got the chance to soak in, I apply my moisturizer to rejuvenate the skin.

So you have more of any idea about my double deluxe exfoliation method check out my video to watch me go through my evening routine. It’s essentially the folding and double folding of my Deluxe Fiber Facial Cloth to create the ultimate thick, plush cloth to remove makeup. It works a charm if I do say so myself and I should know, I use it everyday so it’s tried and tested.

I think this is fast becoming one of my favorite one liners but please be sure to listen to your skin and it’s reaction to the things you place on it. Irritation, tingles that don’t fade after a minute or two, itching, acne or breakouts, redness that does not subside all could be the signs of an adverse reaction.Β In this case, discontinue use.

That’s it! I’m still perfecting my techniques and to some, the time and amount of products I use may seem overwhelming. To that I say, start basic and check your skin’s reaction. Good results may take time and boy do I know with those stubborn Post Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation pink spots I have on my face grr.

Patience is key and try to enjoy yourself a ‘spa like’ experience at home and take the time to pamper and love your health!

Dee X



My Skin Care Routine

Have you ever spent your hard earned savings on the latest hyped foundation? Promising us the ultimate coverage, the most lightweight formula and long lasting benefits. Yes we’ve all made it rain in Sephora at least once.

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation, NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, heck even the infamous Tarte Shape Tape Foundation. Take your pick. It all costs a pretty penny but even then so if it’s claimed to be the best, most hyped Foundation it may not work for you.

How can you be sure that the money you spend is going to get you the most perfect, flawless full coverage base we’re all chasing?

A skincare routine.

Now I’m well aware there are a fair few individuals who get away with not even washing their face (apart from a shower daily) and they seem to have no skin problems whatsoever. But for many including myself, the shower water is not going to cut it!

I remember heading into my teenage years, the hormones were raging and the imbalances were rearing their ugly heads all over my face. Add in the fact that in my early 20s I’d just discovered MAC Studio Fix Fluid, my first ever high end foundation and I was wearing it everyday. Wearing it everyday and not taking it off properly in the evening. There was a time I didn’t even remove my makeup before I slept ewwwww.

Yes yes, horrible I know. But I’ve grown a lot since then.

Incorporating a skincare routine is essential to great looking foundation. Not only will it look great but it will apply like a dream and maybe just maybe you won’t need to wear foundation anymore. Michelle Phan anyone? Okay maybe not that extreme.

Exfoliating the dead skin cells and cleansing deep down into your pores will begin the process of turning your skin cells over faster. This means the old dead, acne prone, dry, spotty, bumpy skin starts to lift exposing the beautiful new skin underneath.

I preferably use a mix of both physical and chemical exfoliation. My choice is of course my Deluxe Fiber Facial Cloth and I use an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) once in a while. Majority of my exfoliation comes from my little towel. It cuts the time I have to exfoliate in half and honestly waking up to a nice warm Deluxe Fiber facial towel and pressing it over my eyes is really comforting in the mornings when your eyes feel half stuck shut from tiredness.

While exfoliation is important there are other steps that are crucial to completing a proper basic skincare routine in the morning and evening. I believe incorporating a mix gives me a balanced, even skin tone.

Just a side note, I have combination skin however this skincare routine is at least a minimum to follow as a man or woman, this is gender neutral and targeted to everyone considering starting a skin care routine.


  1. Cleanse (dry and dehydrated skin may skip this step)
  2. Exfoliate with Deluxe Fiber Cloth
  3. Moisturise
  4. Apply sunscreen


  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate with Deluxe Fiber Cloth
  3. Moisturise
  4. Spot treat any blemishes (I use all natural Tea Tree Oil available at any Drugstore or Pharmacy)

Like most beginnings, it is your effort and dedication to this routine that will (if you continue everyday and night) show you the best results. Some results can be instantaneous, when I exfoliate I can’t help but run my (clean) hands across my face.

Other Tips For Clear Skin

Another note I should mention is that you should consider effectively cleaning your cell/mobile phone screen every few days with an antibacterial wipe or alcohol based screen cleaner. Think of where you take your phone all day, leave it resting on an unclean surface or use it to quickly Google something after you’ve pushed around the shopping cart/trolley? All those germs can transfer from your hands to your face when you receive a phone call not to mention scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram while you wait for the bus and then lean your hands on your face afterwards (where is that bus??).

Wash your pillowcase minimum once a week but preferably twice if you can remember. We spend 7+ hours resting our faces on them and even more if you nap ;).

Above all else, try your hardest to avoid touching your face often. It reminds me of when I first started wearing makeup and I’d rub or scratch my eyes and instantly say to myself, “Oh no! My mascara. Do I look like a panda?”.

The above tips are essentially just forming a habit really and with thought put into it, will become a part of your regular daily routine.

Be sure to check out my latest YouTube video if you have a moment and have a magical day!

Dee X