My Day To Evening Look

As promised, my day to evening look using the one, the only, TOASTED PALETTE!

I predicted this. I knew that once I got my hands on this palette I would reach for it time and time again. Over the weekend and days past, I open up the top drawer of my Ikea Alex unit and there it is shining brightly at me. All my other eye shadow palettes cower in the corner. I’ll return to you beauties again soon I promise but for now, it calls me.

“Pick me up!”, it says. It’s like a drug to me.

So in the first half of this video I provide a warm toned everyday look. I use three shadows (s’more, cashmere, warmth) and blend blend blend. Add just mascara or mascara and eyeliner. The choice is yours sweetie. Make up is just that, a creative outlet to make your own.

If you fancy a more deeper look, maybe for a night out on the town or special occasion, please keep watching to see how I make this look transform from a day to evening look with my favorite color in the palette, ‘Flame’, a beautifully rich, copper tone.

Please leave a like, comment with any questions or concerns and remember to subscribe for more, once I get off this Toasted binge…

Have a magical day!

Dee X

Bug Bites and Flawless Skin

I looked at my face in the mirror and a big red splotch was slowly growing on the bridge of my nose.

Ugh! I had no idea what it was but I couldn’t help staring at it as it grew. I was mesmerized. The space between my eyes swelled to double the size and the bone of my nose grew a grotesque bump I was not happy about.

My nose morphed into a whole different one and to be honest as I filmed the video below, I can still notice the swelling but alas it has gone down significantly.


So more than ever this week I needed my foundation to come through for me and hide the wounds (yes there are two mosquito bites I can see clearly now) of my nasty blood sucking ordeal. First world problem right?

What better way to show you my current foundation routine for 2018. I have this down pat and have been using the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops consistently for about 6 months so it’s tried and tested.

A buildable foundation, it’s like having four foundations in one 0.5 fl oz/15 ml bottle!

  • 1 Drop for sheer cover – think tinted moisturizer (I mix this with my Neutrogena SPF 50+ Sunscreen on ‘makeup free days’)
  • 2 Drops for light cover – think a sheer foundation
  • 3 drops for medium cover – everyday wear
  • 4 drops for full cover – I mean full, red carpet flawless skin

These drops are remarkably efficient, they give my skin a flawless complexion even with my textured skin. The other great thing is that I don’t look like I’m wearing a mask. We’ve all been there before.




โ€œIf you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a changeโ€ – Michael Jackson

Or Batman if you get my reference.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts…

Have you ever sat down and really listened to your mind? Iโ€™ll bet you havenโ€™t.

Or maybe youโ€™re laying down in bed after a stressful day and trying to get to sleep, tossing and turning which makes you even more frustrated. โ€œOh god I canโ€™t be bothered to wash the dog tomorrow. If only he hadnโ€™t chased the cat around the muddy backyard oh and the cat needs his shots because of all the fights heโ€™s gotten into. I canโ€™t forget to pick up my prescription from the doctors. And dammit my idiot neighbor better not wake me up again like last time otherwise Iโ€™m goingย to explode!โ€

A whole list of racing thoughts can go running through your head. Checked the time yet? If I go to sleep now Iโ€™ll get exactly this many hours sleep before I have to get up. It continues, and continues and continues, if you let it that is.

Hard to unwind is something I am well and truly familiar with. Anxiety is a label Iโ€™d given to myself many years ago. Now I understand that itโ€™s all about being mindful. Mindful of my thoughts, mindful of what Iโ€™m doing. We all have times of anxiety, fear and even depression, thatโ€™s normal. Itโ€™s our ability to lift ourselves out of the negative, junk that plays through our heads and essentially re-route the path.


We go through life and let our minds essentially rule us when we should learn to control our minds and thoughts instead.

Our brain is always ticking over with thoughts and ideas, some good and some maybe not so good, a lot of useless thoughts can overtake us leading to crippling fear and anxiousness. Useless thoughts like, “Oh I can’t go and ask my boss for that”. Yes you can, why not?

So how do we figuratively control our minds? Well we can start by spending a little time each day in removing yourself from the real world. I touched on this briefly in my previous post, โ€˜How To Get Anything You Wantโ€™ and suggested meditation. Itโ€™s a great starting point, and you will find sometimes itโ€™s not as easy as you think to sit down and zone out for 5 – 10 minutes. I choose mornings because when I wake, I’m still sleepy and calm. So I sit on the couch and switch on my Spotify ‘Calm Vibes’ playlist (thank you for the subscription sis-in-law). This is a part of learning to train your mind. After all the most important lesson I learned is that we must change our thoughts and beliefs to change our lives.

Before I forget, howโ€™d you go with manifesting something random? I bet it worked. Let me know in the comments.

Worth the Hype? Tarte Tartelette Toasted Palette!

It’s here! Finally after 4 long months, its long awaited release makes it to Sephora.

I’ve been itching to get my hands on this eye shadow palette and believe me, it just oozes Wintery vibes. Beautiful warm tones, perfect for the upcoming Fall/Autumn season. Ooh you’re going to have fun with this one!

I’ve only just started experimenting with this palette but stay tuned to my YouTube Channel for a Day to Night Makeup Look Tutorial, coming soon!

Best Valentine gift, thank you husband!

Just Add Water? Huh?

splashing-splash-aqua-water-67843Just like the title says

ACHIEVE A PERFECTED COMPLEXION – For a well balanced complexion, with just one use our Deluxe Fiber Facial Cloth will begin turning over skin cells immediately to reveal healthy, smooth skin that will make people wonder how you do it.
CLEANSE AND REMOVE MAKEUP- Let us change the way you feel about removing makeup at the end of a long day. In minutes watch as your Deluxe Fiber Cloth easily removes makeup without the use of chemicals. Just add water, micellar water or your own cleanser. Deluxe Fibers are able to lift makeup products quickly. Both sides of our towel will remove a full face of makeup where it could take up to 1-3 make up wipes to achieve the same level of makeup removal.
CHEMICAL FREE, FOR SENSITIVE SKIN – If makeup wipes irritate your skin this cloth is the perfect alternative solution to makeup wipes which can contain chemicals like alcohol and fragrances known to cause irritation and breakouts. Allow your skin to appreciate a spa like experience right in the comfort of your own home as it gently removes skin impurties with our plush Deluxe Fibers.
EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN – Cleanse and exfoliate your pores to release the toxins that hold you back from the radiant skin that is waiting to be released and showed to the world.
DELUXE FIBER INNOVATION – For a deep and thorough cleanse you will absolutely adore, Deluxe Fibers are gentle yet have the durability to last as it is reusable time and time again. 9.8 x 9.8 inch cloth is large enough to remove an entire face of makeup with room to spare.

Now available for purchase on Just search: DMP Health Deluxe Fiber Facial Cloth.