Makeup Brushes – My Recommendations!

Are they worth spending your hard earned money on? I’m going to go with a strong yes on this subject because for me, there’s no going back now.

I’ll be honest, I remember hearing about people who used makeup brushes and I laughed thinking whoa that’s pretty extreme and for the professionals right? That was long before I had any idea about how effective they were in creating perfected makeup looks. So if you’re interested, please keep reading.

My Brush Recommendations:

Price Legend

  • Cheaper End $
  • Mid End $$
  • High End $$$

$ Jessup Brushes Available onΒ eBay

My first ever set of real makeup brushes and yes, you’re spending less than $50 on these guys for a full set! The quality is fantastic, both soft and durable. I continue to use some of them and it’s been atleast 3 years + and they have not come off the handle or she’d bristles. So in simple eBay talk I’d give these a A+++++ Would recommend and re-purchase.

Mix of face brushes by Jessup, Models Prefer and Nude by Nature

$ – $$ Drugstore/Pharmacies Brushes

Most carry makeup brushes by popular brands like; ELF is an amazing brand of affordable brushes available at Kmart here in Australia, Ulta, Target, CVS, Walgreens in USA, and Superdrug in UK.

For the Aussies reading, Australian brand Nude by Nature available in Priceline and Priceline Pharmacies, and Priceline’s exclusive brand Models Prefer have some great brush sets if you can catch them on sale all the better!

They work very well and I have had no issues with shedding or scratchiness. I absolutely hate brushes that scratch your eyelids raw!

Your question might be do cheaper and mid end brushes hit the mark? Do they work just as well as some of the expensive brushes I’ve tried? 100% yes. Sometimes better!

$$$ Sephora Brushes (note Sephora carries a few different brush ranges from varying cosmetics companies).

Now we’re getting to the more lush, more expensive, high end, splurge brushes. I am so fortunate to have purchased a set of Zoeva makeup brushes from Sephora. In particular the ‘Complete Eye Set‘ from Zoeva are the set of brushes you’ll see me use for my eye makeup in all my video tutorials.

Some of my Zoeva Complete Eye Set brushes and a Jessup brush thrown in the mix

Am I happy I spent some of my tax money towards this brush set? 100%.

Overall, the point of this blog post is not to try force you to do or buy anything but provide some helpful info. No, we don’t all need to go out and buy $100 makeup brush sets to get great looking makeup and yes the cheaper brands will work as well in creating makeup looks more easily and effortlessly.

So from someone who’s tried cheap, to mid to high end makeup brushes, I hope this helps you should you want to buy any makeup brush sets in future.

As always, love yourself, love your health!


Updated Skin Care Routine

Keep It Simple Simon. The KISS Principle is an acronym well know across the globe. I believe the first time I heard it my high school teacher used, ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ instead. We’re not here to offend though so Simon, please keep reading if you want to learn the basics of skin care.

Today, an updated skin care routine and a look into the products I am currently using. These are all tried and tested and include the best possible ingredients and leaves out the ones you don’t want, for the most part. Warning this is going to feature pretty much all Neutrogena products because, if you’re not already aware, they’re my favourite skin care company. So enjoy 😊

Here’s my video if you’d like to check it out!

Morning Routine (AM)

Wash your hands, we don’t need any toilet germs on your hands πŸ˜‚

1. Wash face with a gentle cleanser.Β Massage cleanser with fingers over the entire face avoiding eyes. Rinse the cleanser off well to remove any residue and wash over eyes at this point.

My Product of Choice; Neutrogena Extra Gentle CleanserΒ AUD $8.99.

Pro Tip – combine cleanser with luke warm water. You don’t want to freak your face out with too cold or too hot, just something that’s comfortable. Luke warm is always recommended during any stage of the face cleansing process.

2. Apply an active cleanser of your choice to your face.Β BHA OR AHA are chemical exfoliants found in some cleansers and help with acne and skin problems. With circular motions, use your fingers to apply only to the areas that require treatment. You can allow it to sit on the skin for a few minutes if you wish. Then rinse off completely.

My Product of Choice;Β Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne WashΒ AUD $9.69 twice a day as it has an active ingredient of Salicylic acid 2%. Use this once or twice depending on what you think your skin can handle.
Skin Drs
Alternatively, this AHA is much more gentle to the skin if you don’t require a whole heap of help sloughing off those dead skin cells.

3. Pat dry or if you feel comfortable, go in straight with a wet face to moisturise face and neck.Β Let this air dry then continue.


My Product of choice; currently alternating between the two above, Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture AUD $12.49 (a classic I have been using for years) and the newbie from their Hydro Boost Range, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel AUD $14.99

4. Sunscreen.




My Product of Choice; If I’m wearing makeup then I go in with a chemical sunscreen Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Fluid AUD $13.99 as it sits well underneath makeup. However if it’s a makeup free day (which more often than not),Β this Physical sunscreen by Neutrogena,Β Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Dry-Touch AUD $17.49Β Note: I haven’t tried to use this under makeup as yet but I will experiment soon enough.

If you’re wondering what on Earth a chemical and physical sunscreen is, stay tuned as I will talk more about sunscreens in a different blog/video. Be sure to follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel for notifications on updates.

Evening Routine (PM)

Finished chopping up onion and garlic for dinner earlier? Make sure to cleanse off irritants and germs before touching your face and wash your hands.

  1. Remove bulk of sunscreen and/or makeup (if worn) with Garnier Micellar Cleansing WaterΒ AUD $9.99 + DMP Health Deluxe Fiber Microfiber Facial Cloth.
  1. Wash face with a gentle cleanser with fingers or facial cloth, then rinse off completely.
  2. AHA or BHA cleanser,Β allow to sit on the skin then rinse off completely.
  3. Moisturise.
  4. Apply thin layer of emollient to dry areas or places my skin need extra hydration to heal damaged skin.
My Product Choice; Vaseline Petroleum Jelly AUD $3.99

That’s it! I’d also recommend you now apply your favourite lip balm and hand/body moisturiser too and settle in for the evening. Your skin will thank you for taking the extra time to look after it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed an update on my skin care routine for the morning and evening.

As always remember to love your health!