DMP Quick Skin Tips – Moisturizers V Emollients

Effectively both will do the same, re hydrate the skin.

However one is more potent then the other and carriers a lot more synthetic ingredients. This means they may irritate some skin types especially sensitive and acne prone as they could not agree with your skin.

So how do you use them? Should you use one or the other?

Moisturizers should be applied daily in the morning and evening to re dehydrate the skin which aids in the healing process and keeping your moisture barrier at optimum level. Not too dry or too oily, a healthy balance is what we aim for.

Emollients should be applied after moisturizer as to lock in the goodies that are applied beforehand.

So where can you buy emollients? There is one that we’re all too familiar with and it’s good old Vaseline. Some skin types like myself can tolerate it, others not so please patch test before. I have used it before on my eczema patches and they work like a charm. Depending on how dry your skin is will determine the duration of application so use your own discretion.

I’d suggest you use emollients in the evening as they’re more heavier and tend to leave you looking greasy. I would hate to think what my skin would like having applied moisturizer and Vaseline and makeup over the top so try and avoid day time use unless of course you don’t mind. Another benefit of adding an emollient to your PM routine would be that they have plenty of time to sit on your skin until morning (they won’t hardly absorb into your skin just create a protective layer) and you can remove it with your cleanser in the morning.

I hope you found this information helpful. If you like, check out my video above and as always remember to love your health πŸ™‚

Dee X