Makeup Brushes – My Recommendations!

Are they worth spending your hard earned money on? I’m going to go with a strong yes on this subject because for me, there’s no going back now.

I’ll be honest, I remember hearing about people who used makeup brushes and I laughed thinking whoa that’s pretty extreme and for the professionals right? That was long before I had any idea about how effective they were in creating perfected makeup looks. So if you’re interested, please keep reading.

My Brush Recommendations:

Price Legend

  • Cheaper End $
  • Mid End $$
  • High End $$$

$ Jessup Brushes Available onย eBay

My first ever set of real makeup brushes and yes, you’re spending less than $50 on these guys for a full set! The quality is fantastic, both soft and durable. I continue to use some of them and itโ€™s been atleast 3 years + and they have not come off the handle or sheโ€™d bristles. So in simple eBay talk Iโ€™d give these a A+++++ Would recommend and re-purchase.

Mix of face brushes by Jessup, Models Prefer and Nude by Nature

$ – $$ Drugstore/Pharmacies Brushes

Most carry makeup brushes by popular brands like; ELF is an amazing brand of affordable brushes available at Kmart here in Australia, Ulta, Target, CVS, Walgreens in USA, and Superdrug in UK.

For the Aussies reading, Australian brand Nude by Nature available in Priceline and Priceline Pharmacies, and Priceline’s exclusive brand Models Prefer have some great brush sets if you can catch them on sale all the better!

They work very well and I have had no issues with shedding or scratchiness. I absolutely hate brushes that scratch your eyelids raw!

Your question might be do cheaper and mid end brushes hit the mark? Do they work just as well as some of the expensive brushes I’ve tried? 100% yes. Sometimes better!

$$$ Sephora Brushes (note Sephora carries a few different brush ranges from varying cosmetics companies).

Now we’re getting to the more lush, more expensive, high end, splurge brushes. I am so fortunate to have purchased a set of Zoeva makeup brushes from Sephora. In particular the ‘Complete Eye Set‘ from Zoeva are the set of brushes you’ll see me use for my eye makeup in all my video tutorials.

Some of my Zoeva Complete Eye Set brushes and a Jessup brush thrown in the mix

Am I happy I spent some of my tax money towards this brush set? 100%.

Overall, the point of this blog post is not to try force you to do or buy anything but provide some helpful info. No, we don’t all need to go out and buy $100 makeup brush sets to get great looking makeup and yes the cheaper brands will work as well in creating makeup looks more easily and effortlessly.

So from someone who’s tried cheap, to mid to high end makeup brushes, I hope this helps you should you want to buy any makeup brush sets in future.

As always, love yourself, love your health!


Makeup Know How – Base

It seems the entire beauty industry is consumed with contouring, baking and strobing and keeping up with these new trends can be a little hard! Whether you like it or not, it has become the quintessential western way of doing your makeup and I for one have certainly jumped on the bandwagon!

There are just so many tutorials these days but many gurus and influencers forget that not everyone knows what baking is unless it’s in the kitchen!

So I thought I’d break down the makeup basics for those who might love a better explanation on makeup application. As soon as I began wearing makeup properly as a 17 year old, I had more people than I can count ask me if I was a Makeup Artist and to that I answered, I am self taught. The one important thing I learnt is that there are no rules in makeup, don’t feel pressured to do anything just because it’s the latest craze or it’s trending on Instagram.

Beauty and makeup should above all else be unique and definitively the way you express your beauty not how someone tells you how to. Take from it what you like, use what you like and work to something you find appropriate for you ๐Ÿ˜Š

Today I share how to create a base and a friendly reminder to subscribe and follow for the next blog on eyes, brows and lips!

Lets begin

Follow your regular skin care routine. Allow at least 30 min for moisturiser and sunscreen to penetrate the skin and kind of mesh with it to create the perfect canvas. If you’re in a hurry or just don’t have the luxury of time on your hands, then 5-10 minutes will do.

1. Primer

Primer is optional and I have never used one honestly so I canโ€™t recommend one currently however this acts as a base for your foundation and helps foundation to ‘stick’. Not essential but handy for those with oily skin that begins breaking down your makeup as soon as you’ve applied it and helps with longevity overall.

2. Foundation

Creates a blank, smooth and flawless complexion.

Depending on the formula, different tools may be better for each.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, G30

Apply with:

  • Fingers

Pros- product warms on your fingers = easy to blend

Cons – easy to waste product = over use & not hygienic

  • Brushes – Paddle or Round Top

Pros ย applies foundation in a more hygienic way

Cons – can exfoliate the skin with use & can create patchy looking makeup and streaky foundation

  • Beauty Sponge

Prosย – blends foundation into skin for blurring effect

Consย – sponge can absorb too much product = waste & can be un-hygienic depending on if you’re regularly washing it after use

Popular, Beauty Blender

3. Concealer

Use under eyes to highlight, counteract dark circles and conceal any blemishes.ย Choose a colour 2 shades lighter than your skin tone.

Pin point conceal blemishes. Pick a neutral based concealer close to your skin colour for hiding blemishes. We want to camouflage the area not highlight it further with a lighter shade.

Apply with:

  • Blend with fingers, sponge or small brush of your choice
  • Thin, paint like brush for any blemishes you wish to conceal

Side note:ย If you concealed under the eyes, now would be best to bake your under eye area and leave it on for a few minutes. Continue with the next step.

4. Cream Contour (Optional)

If using a cream contour then apply before regular face powder and set contoured areas with an ashy/cool toned coloured powder.

Top to bottom, NARS Radiant Creamy concealer in Light 1 Chantilly, NYX Wonder Stick, highlight and contour stick 01 Light/Medium, L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Concealer in Porcelain

5. Face Powder

To set your work you need to lock in cream/liquid products and they help prevent shine if you’re an oily gal. The key is a little goes a long way. The more you pack on the more you start to look aged and crepey looking. If you baked your eye shadow then remember to dust it off now.

Bottom, Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder, top left, Savvy by DB powder in transclucent (not very!) Australis, Banana Powder for ‘baking’

6. Powder Contour (Optional)

Use to sculpt the face, make sections of the face appear smaller/hidden or more defined and/or sharper. Use cool tones of brown or ash browns.

Apply with:

  • Tulip brush
  • Fan brush
  • Straight Edge brush
  • Contour creme stick (the product itself)

7. Bronzer

Add warmth and glow to your skin and create ‘depth’. We don’t want to have mannequin faces! The fairer your skin tone the ashier/cooler the colour should be. We don’t want dusted Cheetos on your skin. The deeper your skin tone the warmer you can go ๐Ÿ™‚

8. Blush

Add colour back into your face (after doing everything possible to remove it lol)

Apply with:

  • Fingers (mostly for creams)
  • Tulip Brush
  • Blush Brush
Models Prefer peachy blush in Celebrity Crush

9. Highlight

Accentuates the natural points of the face the sun hits to give a dewy, fresh, glow.

Apply with:

  • Fingers (mostly for liquid and cream products)
  • Fan Brush
  • Beauty Sponge
Left, Hourglass Luminous Bronze Light, MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish highlight

10. Finishing Spray

This is another step, much like primer that I tend to forget because I haven’t really bothered to find one that I like. Honestly, spray your face with a bit of hairspray…it does the same thing! This is probably terrible for your skin though. Try and purchase an actual ‘Finishingย  or Setting Spray’ like Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray.

It helps to melt the powders used on your face to look less cakey and more dewey fresh. This shouldn’t effect your makeup if you’re prone to oil and helps with longevity.

10 steps just for the base!!! It seems like a lot, but as previously mentioned this is a get to know the basics and I want to go in depth with the process. Choose whichever steps you feel comfortable doing and which work for your every day routine.

A Little On Makeup Trends

We owe thanks to the many Drag Queens who essentially use these tricks of the trade daily and they’ve become almost a staple technique in our makeup routines.

Baking or Cooking

No we’re not talking about making cookies tonight love, just the simple art of highlighting under your eyes with a light concealer and pressing a loose or pressed translucent powder to the area and let it ‘cook’ or ‘bake’ to provide ultimate lightness.


The contours or hollows of some places on your face can allow for sculpted looking faces with sharp and high cheek bones.


Opposite of contouring and kind of like baking except we do this on the cupids bow, around the mouth, chin, right under the contoured bit of our cheek bones and foreheads.

Colour Correcting

Something I have only dabbled in however this is basically using red, orange and green types of cream products to counteract the colours on your face caused by being human basically. Things you want to disappear as fast as Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at a party.

Red/Orange counteracts blue/purple for veins etc.

Green counteracts red for pimples, capillaries etc.

Lilac/purple can create a lightening effect and you may have seen some primers and moisturisers contain lilac pigment to achieve lighter, glowing skin. Very popular in Asian cosmetics.

If you’ve read all up until the very end then I applaud you. Here’s a virtual cookie for your efforts in sticking through this post ๐Ÿช

I certainly hope you’ve learned a thing or two, be sure to come back to read it again if you’re unsure of anything.

Also please follow me on all my social media to keep up to date with any future videos and posts. Links are on the home page banner.

Remember to love your health!


Updated Skin Care Routine

Keep It Simple Simon. The KISS Principle is an acronym well know across the globe. I believe the first time I heard it my high school teacher used, ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ instead. We’re not here to offend though so Simon, please keep reading if you want to learn the basics of skin care.

Today, an updated skin care routine and a look into the products I am currently using. These are all tried and tested and include the best possible ingredients and leaves out the ones you don’t want, for the most part. Warning this is going to feature pretty much all Neutrogena products because, if you’re not already aware, they’re my favourite skin care company. So enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š

Here’s my video if you’d like to check it out!

Morning Routine (AM)

Wash your hands, we don’t need any toilet germs on your hands ๐Ÿ˜‚

1. Wash face with a gentle cleanser.ย Massage cleanser with fingers over the entire face avoiding eyes. Rinse the cleanser off well to remove any residue and wash over eyes at this point.

My Product of Choice; Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanserย AUD $8.99.

Pro Tip – combine cleanser with luke warm water. You don’t want to freak your face out with too cold or too hot, just something that’s comfortable. Luke warm is always recommended during any stage of the face cleansing process.

2. Apply an active cleanser of your choice to your face.ย BHA OR AHA are chemical exfoliants found in some cleansers and help with acne and skin problems. With circular motions, use your fingers to apply only to the areas that require treatment. You can allow it to sit on the skin for a few minutes if you wish. Then rinse off completely.

My Product of Choice;ย Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Washย AUD $9.69 twice a day as it has an active ingredient of Salicylic acid 2%. Use this once or twice depending on what you think your skin can handle.
Skin Drs
Alternatively, this AHA is much more gentle to the skin if you don’t require a whole heap of help sloughing off those dead skin cells.

3. Pat dry or if you feel comfortable, go in straight with a wet face to moisturise face and neck.ย Let this air dry then continue.


My Product of choice; currently alternating between the two above, Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture AUD $12.49 (a classic I have been using for years) and the newbie from their Hydro Boost Range, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel AUD $14.99

4. Sunscreen.




My Product of Choice; If I’m wearing makeup then I go in with a chemical sunscreen Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Fluid AUD $13.99 as it sits well underneath makeup. However if it’s a makeup free day (which more often than not),ย this Physical sunscreen by Neutrogena,ย Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Dry-Touch AUD $17.49ย Note: I haven’t tried to use this under makeup as yet but I will experiment soon enough.

If you’re wondering what on Earth a chemical and physical sunscreen is, stay tuned as I will talk more about sunscreens in a different blog/video. Be sure to follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel for notifications on updates.

Evening Routine (PM)

Finished chopping up onion and garlic for dinner earlier? Make sure to cleanse off irritants and germs before touching your face and wash your hands.

  1. Remove bulk of sunscreen and/or makeup (if worn) with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Waterย AUD $9.99 + DMP Health Deluxe Fiber Microfiber Facial Cloth.
  1. Wash face with a gentle cleanser with fingers or facial cloth, then rinse off completely.
  2. AHA or BHA cleanser,ย allow to sit on the skin then rinse off completely.
  3. Moisturise.
  4. Apply thin layer of emollient to dry areas or places my skin need extra hydration to heal damaged skin.
My Product Choice; Vaseline Petroleum Jelly AUD $3.99

That’s it! I’d also recommend you now apply your favourite lip balm and hand/body moisturiser too and settle in for the evening. Your skin will thank you for taking the extra time to look after it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed an update on my skin care routine for the morning and evening.

As always remember to love your health!