Kim Kardashian’s Skincare Tip?

Kim has never forgotten her number one skincare tip that her mother Kris Jenner shared with her. That being; to wash her face daily with a, “hot terry washcloth” for cleansing and exfoliating benefits. I wonder if she still follows her advice?

Dermatologists actually recommend firstly that lukewarm water is best, fingers or a gentle, soft washcloth or flannel/terry cloth to cleanse the face. But what really are the benefits for you?

Benefits of Microfiber Facial Washcloth

  • Remove dry skin, acne, blackheads and textured bumps. With gentle, circular motions a facial cloth works to remove dead skin cells, oil and dirt.
  • Gentle daily exfoliation with a facial cloth can help to reveal baby soft skin which can help reduce the size of pores and flatten closed comedones (blackheads).
  • Remove your makeup.Β Simply add your own gentle cleanser, micellar water or lukewarm water to remove makeup and sunscreen. We all know that the most important thing to do is remove your makeup after the day to ensure restorative sleep for mind, body and skin!
  • Hygienic. Microfiber is unlike normal towel fibers and ensures once washed, that any collected debris, liquids, powders or sunscreens are efficiently removed from the cloth. No harbouring nasty germs!

So what do you think? It’s a very ‘basic’ and almost old fashioned way of washing your face. But if Dermatologists think it’s good then I suppose it’s worth a shot for healthy skin right?

Love your health πŸ™‚


Eczema Relief

Firstly, please see your doctor as I am not a Doctor,Β Dermatologist, Beauty Therapist, or Esthetician. Furthermore discuss any new products you’re interested in introducing into your skin care routine with your doctor or doctors before commencing.

Now I suffer with somewhat mild Eczema and it is no where near as bad as it could be. Nonetheless it does upset me and create a lot of symptoms I’d rather not experience. It can be at times embarrassing and awkward and for those who experience more outwardly obvious symptoms it can really take a toll on your mental health and you can feel very self conscious. It’s important to talk about these conditions because it should not be a taboo subject.Β Today, my 3 product recommendations for soothing Eczema.

Please note though some products may not be available in your country.

  1. MooGoo Eczema & Psoriasis Cream 120g/4.2 fl oz.

I want to talk a little more on the brand MooGoo. It is an Australian owned company that make skin care products with all natural ingredients and is eco-friendly. They sell not only skin care products but also range from baby products, cleansers, serums and oils and moisturisers. Be sure to check out their range and stockists here:

I became aware of this brand a little over a year ago now when 2 of my family members were going through cancer treatment. MooGoo products are put together in care packages here in Australian hospitals for cancer patients. When patients are receiving radiation therapy or chemotherapy their skin dries out immensely as a side effect of that treatment. They are therefore encouraged to apply some of their products to effectively soothe and rehydrate the skin. I believe the product they supply is called Natural Skin Milk Udder Cream.

In the middle of Winter my skin was crying out for moisture as I had very much neglected my skin. I found their creams for Eczema and Psoriasis at a Pharmacy. I have used this on my face and body and it really does help to replenish the skin.Β Benefits are anti inflammatory, anti fungal and wound healing properties as it helps relieve symptoms of Eczema,Β  Seborrheic Dermatitis and Psoriasis.

The scent is not too bad either and their play on words is so cute (I love cows and cow anything) you’ll find they do this a lot across their product lists.

Eczema Products FL
Some bonus products I use, Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for face, Lucas’ PawPaw Ointment for conditioning those lips

2.Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore 225ml & Petroleum Jelly

For overall moisturizing my entire body (minus my face) and I apply the petroleum jelly over the top of any dry patches that need an extra boost of locking in moisture power. I have a video on moisturizers and emollients that gets more in depth with what they are and how to use them in your routine. I find that together these ingredients help to quickly soothe and alleviate any dry, cracked skin. As this is a deep restore moisturizer, I find it makes my skin softer in just one use. The trick is to keep using it consistently! Non greasy formulation is fast absorbing which is a plus or maybe my hands are so dry they just suck it all up instantly!

3. Advantan 1% & Novasone 0.1% – Steroid Cream

Both this cream and lotion require a prescription but do know they offer extraordinary relief to itching, redness, dryness, oozing and flakiness. I won’t go too much into this because lets face it, I wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. All I can say is that these work for me and your Doctor will consider all factors for prescribing you medicine based on your health, any allergies and any other form of medication you are taking to reduce likelihood of harmful drug interactions.

That’s it! I hope you found this list of products I use helpful and may even give you the confidence to go out there and seek help. Some skin conditions can be embarrassing but I’m here to tell you they shouldn’t be. Remember to love your health!

Dee X




An Embarrassing Skin Condition?

I scratched and scratched. I was only about 9 or 10 when I started to develop a white patch on my leg.

So my mother took me to our Doctor and I was told I had Eczema. I’ve honestly forgotten how I treated it but I’m sure I was prescribed a cream for it. It’s been 18 years and my memory is a little foggy if you can forgive.

It’s completely disappeared and I never get it reoccur again however I have developed it in other places that flare up with the weather and other variables in my life.

Apologies for the TMI for some of this post.

Here’s the video if you’d prefer to watch but continue reading by all means πŸ™‚

First would be on my ear, I develop a deep red patch of skin that is thick, sore and often bleeds. It leads me to apply copious amounts of moisturizer and applying a band aid to help me sleep albeit it’s a very difficult position to put a band aid in!

Another is my itchy inner ears, the canals. They flare up and itch like crazy and I mean I could scratch and scratch and scratch for 10 minutes and it still gives no relief. Believe you me I have scratched for that long and my ear began weeping and eventually crusts over.

I develop dry, sensitive, itchy patches on my skin that look like tiny red bumps all over my cheeks, chin and sometimes forehead. I believe this is due to getting too dehydrated and the weather contributes.

My scalp towards my forehead gets very dry and flaky along with my eyebrows and I find myself scraping the flakes out daily unless I stick to my routine.

I also worked in a position that had me constantly washing my hands for hygiene and I can tell you my hands were so dry, cracked, split and bleeding I could stand to have anything touch them. They were hot, angry and swelled. Anything I applied stung and I was told I had contact dermatitis from all the washing and soap irritating and stripping my skin not to mention the hand sanitizer I used.

I am by no means trying to make my symptoms sound terrible, they are annoying at most and I can keep it under control for the most part.

I aim to make a video on the products I use for Eczema/Dermatitis in future so stay tuned πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor, Dermatologist, Beauty Therapist, or Esthetician, I just love skincare and health and love sharing what I learn with you. Seek medical attention when unsure.

Remember to love your health!

Dee X



DMP Quick Skin Tips – Moisturizers V Emollients

Effectively both will do the same, re hydrate the skin.

However one is more potent then the other and carriers a lot more synthetic ingredients. This means they may irritate some skin types especially sensitive and acne prone as they could not agree with your skin.

So how do you use them? Should you use one or the other?

Moisturizers should be applied daily in the morning and evening to re dehydrate the skin which aids in the healing process and keeping your moisture barrier at optimum level. Not too dry or too oily, a healthy balance is what we aim for.

Emollients should be applied after moisturizer as to lock in the goodies that are applied beforehand.

So where can you buy emollients? There is one that we’re all too familiar with and it’s good old Vaseline. Some skin types like myself can tolerate it, others not so please patch test before. I have used it before on my eczema patches and they work like a charm. Depending on how dry your skin is will determine the duration of application so use your own discretion.

I’d suggest you use emollients in the evening as they’re more heavier and tend to leave you looking greasy. I would hate to think what my skin would like having applied moisturizer and Vaseline and makeup over the top so try and avoid day time use unless of course you don’t mind. Another benefit of adding an emollient to your PM routine would be that they have plenty of time to sit on your skin until morning (they won’t hardly absorb into your skin just create a protective layer) and you can remove it with your cleanser in the morning.

I hope you found this information helpful. If you like, check out my video above and as always remember to love your health πŸ™‚

Dee X