A Skin Miracle? It’s Also Free!

We moved into our home in Dec 2015. The backyard was a jungle of overgrown plants, but little did I know there was a bunch of juicy, 98.9% water containing plants I’d later discover was great for my face.

Today I want to share with you my new favourite skin care product and it was pretty much free! Thanks previous owners for planting the humble succulent the Aloe Vera plant.

Known for decades as a natural reliever of sunburn, Aloe Vera Gel directly from the plant is a fabulous humectant meaning it works to retain moisture.


  • Helps soothe sunburn
  • Retains moisture
  • Reduces redness
  • Restores moisture/water loss
  • Antibacterial
  • Can reduce hyperpigmentation ‘acne scars’

Some say eating an drinking aloe aids with digestive issues and it can be used as a hair treatment. Nifty little plant.


Before you go apply this sticky goop all over your face, patch test!

You may very well be allergic to this so do not smear it all over your face and pray for a miracle. A face full of hives, stinging or any type of allergic response reaction could be in store. In fact, if you’re allergic to latex there’s a good chance you won’t handle this on your skin. The underneath green part of the plant contains a yellow latex liquid.

Now if you’ve safely determined your skin can handle the pure aloe gel from the plant then rub your hands together excitedly as I share my guide.

Tricky, Sticky Goop

This stuff is not the easiest to handle. The innards of the plant are a clear, jelly like substance although can be sliced with a sharp knife or blended in a blender. Be warned, it’s slippery!

Fun fact, the more you water these plants the clearer the inside Gel will be.

To Prepare

  1. Begin by harvesting a leaf from the outer most part of your aloe plant
  2. Wash it under cool water
  3. Slice the base end off, it usually has a little yellow liquid, the latex oozing from it
  4. Slice a chunk off again, about an inch is good
  5. Slice the spikey ends off
  6. Slice off 1 side of the green part and you’re left with the inside exposed
  7. Slice off the second side and let the Gel fall into your designated cup

Quick tip: I like to scrape each green part with my knife as there’s extra slime left on there. I usually cut the gel to release more aloe slime.

You can use this straight away or pop it in the fridge covered with cling wrap and apply it to your face when ready. It’s extra cool that way 😎

How To Use?

This eventually dries down and feels exactly, in my opinion like a face mask. You may wish to put in on and wash it off after 15 minutes. Or you can moisturise after you cleanse, top with Aloe Vera Gel then go to sleep. It’s humectant properties will help seal in the moisture from your moisturiser. It can feel drying so washing it off might be an option you like better and you can enjoy silky smooth skin.

I use this daily, morning and night and generally leave it on for a while sometimes an hour and wash it off before bed. It leaves my face so freaking smooth!


Store your uncut aloe leaf in the fridge wrapped in cling wrap or foil and place into a zip lock bag. It will stay fresh for a few days.

Now all you have to do is find yourself an Aloe Vera plant to enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, remember to love your health πŸ’—