50 Random Facts About Me! VIDEO

Hello friends and followers! I hope you’re enjoying the start to your weekend!

Here’s a fun little video for the start to the weekend! Be sure to check it out below and get to know me a little better πŸ™‚

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50 Random Facts About Me Tag!

Get to know me a little better right here with these facts. Enjoy!

  1. I prefer summer over winter
  2. My middle name is Maree spelt with a double, ‘E’
  3. I love candles and love to buy and collect them often
  4. My favourite colour is purple and always has been since I was 5
  5. I love travelling, I love the airport and planes and experiencing other cultures
  6. This actually led to my first serious job as a travel consultant/agent
  7. I was born on 4 October 1990 which makes me 27 years old
  8. Cool fact about that day is 4 October is actually World Animal Day, an international day of action for animal rights and welfare and suits me pretty well as I’m the biggest animal lover
  9. My heritage or background is Croatian, English, Spanish, Greek
  10. I share my maiden name with a popular English comedian and I was always, always was teased for it in school. If you can guess comment below. Clue: It’s 3 letters.
  11. My star sign is Libra the scales and I whole heartedly agree I am one through and through because I absolutely dislike not being in an un-harmonious state of mind. I’m a peacemaker and I love seeing beauty in nature, beauty in people and all the finer things in life and terrible at decision making!
  12. I’m obsessed with all things Disney. I grew up watching Disney movies and cartoons and it’s etched its way into my heart
  13. I’m a big kid at heart, I still feel like a child in adult clothing
  14. I have a birthmark on my middle finger, I actually cut it with a measuring tape as a child and it has this odd little bump on it (trapped blood)
  15. I prefer to cook mostly European dishes and Italian meals because that’s what I grew up eating
  16. My eyes change colours from Blue, green and grey
  17. I used to sing in a choir at school for years and years and perform on stage
  18. I love English, reading and writing and studied Advanced English during my senior years at high school
  19. I wanted to become a Journalist when I left school
  20. When I was a kid I would take my uncles video recorder and record my life and my family and I created a video series surrounding my family.
  21. Tennis is my absolute favourite sport and I used to play it religiously as a child
  22. One of my other favourite past times is 10 pin bowling
  23. I love drinking beer in the summer
  24. I love being in or near any body of water, on a boat, ship, or ferry on the beach. It’s so relaxing to me
  25. I love eating anything salty/savoury or like antipasto. I mean salty like sardines, anchovies and olives and prosciutto/salami and cheese. I LOVE SALTY Foods.
  26. I prefer to sleep on my tummy
  27. I grew up in New South Wales, Sydney the largest population of Australia
  28. My favourite animals are all big cats but mostly lions
  29. I love cat paws big and small
  30. I had braces for 9 months
  31. I’ve always kept my hair long. Only ever cut it short twice. If you know me, you’ll know I’m the girl with the long hair
  32. I love makeup and cosmetics, I used to get asked if I ever studied to apply makeup all the time as a teen. I never did study makeup.
  33. I have ridden a camel before
  34. I have been bitten by a dog
  35. My favourite scent is gardenia and they’re my favourite flowers
  36. I used to love writing ‘news’ articles for newspapers on my neighbourhood & neighbours
  37. I want to live in Florida, USA one day or travel their often
  38. I’m an only child but I have a half sister somewhere out there apparently
  39. I’ve travelled to 2 countries in my life, Croatia and USA and 4 states of Australia
  40. I can speak Croatian at the level of a 5 year old, but I understand it a lot more than I can get out
  41. My favourite books of all time are Harry Potter
  42. I have grey hairs on only one side of my body
  43. I am short sighted, it’s kind of funny when I think I see things that are something else in the distance
  44. I have both my ears pierced and nothing else
  45. I have zero tattoos on my body
  46. I am really bad with blood, getting blood drawn I get really dizzy
  47. I have never fainted, hope I never do
  48. I have never had a nose bleed, again, I hope I never do
  49. I am 5’8″ or 173cm tall
  50. I’m an introvert, I need to recharge my batteries with alone time often