Casual Friday’s – Anime Me + Makeup Look

For the longest time I’ve dreamt of having pink hair, something that sparks joy for me if you will.

I mean you have to admit, it’s fun to have mermaid coloured hair!

I purchased this wig mid 2018 and began a mission to create the perfect look.

Dying & straightening a synthetic, heat resistant wig

I wasn’t entirely happy with the shade of pink it was dyed or the curls set by the manufacturers but I decided to scour YouTube in an effort to find out if and how I could dye it and straighten it.

Check out this awesome lady, Alexa Poletti and her playlist on wigs including all your essentials.

Queen of everything front lace wigs and former? employee and model of Rockstar Wigs USA.

I followed her, “How to dye a synthetic wig” and “How to straighten your wig” video tutorials.

Lots of synthetic hair, nice cut/shape with layers and definitely not cheap looking
I forget how many inches this is but it’s long


I’m not 100% finished with the wig and the dying process takes patience but it’s a fun on the side hobby I go back to every now and then. It feels like I’m playing hairdresser πŸ˜€

I used both Sharpie and Artline texter’s to colour my wig in purple’s and pinks. I also have to fix up the lace hair line with a bit of concealer (which I forgot to do before taking these pictures *oops*) because they went a little pink during the dying process.

Pink Eye Shadow Look

Pink everywhere!

I really want to make it a goal to purchase bright coloured eye shadow palettes and then play with colours more in 2019.

I don’t have any brightly coloured palettes at the moment so I improvised a little.

Thank you Tarte’s Color Wheel of Amazonian Clay Blushes!
  • Using the blush colours Deco and Surreal buffed into the crease
Just look at those pans
  • I then used Urban Decay Naked palette’s shade Sin for the middle for a halo effect
  • I also used a bit of MUFE Palette 9 Artist Shadow purple shade in M-842 to deepen the outer V
Second from the top, M-842
  • A thin line of liquid liner and some mascara and falsies finished the look


20190127013453_img_4592That’s it my friends! I hope you enjoyed a few extra snaps of me in my wig and a look into how I created this eye look.

Love your health.