Microfiber Can Fix Skin Problems?

It’s soft, plush and works a treat with household cleaning. But did you know these little cloths and towels can be used in your beauty and skincare regimen as well?

Well lets get this straight, not the exact ones you’d use for cleaning your TV and car with! Not all of them have the same plush, velvet like softness (sorry shameless plug right here) as my Microfiber Deluxe Fiber Facial Towels.

Velvety, soft and plush. Available on Amazon.com

Plenty of us know good old classic Microfiber material. You’ve probably used it a tonne of times yourself. It’s used a lot as an add on to cleaning products and is great for providing streak free glass and a good old scrub and get any grime off your precious LCD screens. I have plenty of them lying around my house for dusting furniture etc and I know people who own microfiber towels for their hair even.

Microfiber has properties that work wonders when it comes to the house, but can also do wonders for your complexion. Dermatologists recommend a light and gentle form of physical form of exfoliation by either using a washcloth (or microfiber facial towel). Towels and facial brushes are usually not recommended as they tend to irritate the face and a lot of us over exfoliate and create further damage to our moisture skin barrier. Remember our skins moisture barrier is the important area of skin we aim to keep happy above all else as if it’s not happy you can generally tell a mile off.

How To Use A Microfiber Towel In Your Routine?

KISS (Keep It Simple Simon) is the principle I like to suggest when it comes to a skincare routine. Don’t overload your face with a bunch of overly expensive, miracle promising products that are not going to do you any good in the long run. Here’s a sample morning routine:

  1. Cleanse with luke warm water or your favourite gentle cleanser. Massage cleanser with your fingers.
  2. Use circular motions with your Deluxe Fiber Microfiber Facial Cloth on only the areas that require the exfoliation. Don’t rub vigorously, treat your face as gently as possible.
  3. Rinse your face cleanser off
  4. Moisturise
  5. Sunscreen (AM)

The wash cloth can help to remove the build-up of stubborn dead skin cells. Also, the added benefit of a chemical exfoliant can help turn over skin cells faster. Of course the option is yours should you choose to do so. Be careful as to not over exfoliate as it’s very easy to dry your skin out.

I’d suggest you use your Microfiber Facial Washcloth no more than 3 times a week but watch your skin closely for any adverse signs over exfoliation. That’s it! Microfiber has the potential to reduce bumps, closed comedones and create a smoother canvas to paint your makeup portrait.

As always, remember to love your health!

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Microfiber Facial Cloth V Facial Brush?

I remember when the boom of popularity happened when every man, woman and child owned one of these things! Facial brushes have always been popular but they can unfortunately cause more damage than you realise.

To this day I know a lot of people still use this product and call it their holy grail but for some of us with more sensitive or easily irritated skin this may be a no go.

Lets talk about the almighty Clarisonic or technically any facial brushes for physical exfoliation.

I wasn’t quite sure 3 years ago if I wanted to go out and buy the Clarisonic, so I purchased a dupe product instead. I heard great reviews, people saying it did wonders for their skin. Everyone was using it morning and night, to remove makeup and their skin changed for the best, well apparently. Well this girl was sold and so I began to use my facial brush every day and night for about 2 weeks straight. Suffice to say my skin did not enjoy the feeling of the brush head on my already sensitive skin and it proceeded to go red, blotchy, itchy and just sore looking. What had I done? I thought this was meant to make my skin problems were a thing of the past? Well, I over exfoliated and created a mess of my complexion. I was sad, embarrassed and irritated. I thought physical exfoliation with a facial brush would make me glow and get rid of texture and bumps! In fact the over exfoliation caused more breakouts and irritation in the long run. No bueno.

It’s important to understand that physical exfoliation is not often recommended by Dermatologists. In particular facial brushes are one of the most frowned upon of those to use but alas we are all at some point swept into the marketing of new revolutionary products that will offer sparkly skin.

For me physical exfoliation with a brush is too harsh on my oily/combo skin and it could very well be for you too. I prefer to use a product that I can control completely. Something so back to basic you’ll think I’m prehistoric. My Deluxe Microfiber Facial Cloth works with water, micellar water or your favorite cleanser to exfoliate and cleanse the skin all in one step. Just dampen with your choice of product (fold in half twice for Double Deluxe Method) and use gentle, circular motions to target areas of your face that require the exfoliation. No need for any scrubbing, rubbing or tugging at your skin. You’re most importantly not damaging the surrounding skin that doesn’t need to be rubbed raw. If areas of your skin are okay, then leave them alone.

Deluxe Cloth

You could certainly use it in the shower or in the bath, whatever tickles your fancy and makes your morning and evening skincare regimen easier for you.


Have you used a Clarisonic or any facial brush in the past? Let me know below your experience.

You can purchase my Deluxe Fiber facial washcloth on Amazon. Link on the Home screen of the blog.

As always remember to love your health!

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