Microfiber Can Fix Skin Problems?

It’s soft, plush and works a treat with household cleaning. But did you know these little cloths and towels can be used in your beauty and skincare regimen as well?

Well lets get this straight, not the exact ones you’d use for cleaning your TV and car with! Not all of them have the same plush, velvet like softness (sorry shameless plug right here) as my Microfiber Deluxe Fiber Facial Towels.

Velvety, soft and plush. Available on Amazon.com

Plenty of us know good old classic Microfiber material. You’ve probably used it a tonne of times yourself. It’s used a lot as an add on to cleaning products and is great for providing streak free glass and a good old scrub and get any grime off your precious LCD screens. I have plenty of them lying around my house for dusting furniture etc and I know people who own microfiber towels for their hair even.

Microfiber has properties that work wonders when it comes to the house, but can also do wonders for your complexion. Dermatologists recommend a light and gentle form of physical form of exfoliation by either using a washcloth (or microfiber facial towel). Towels and facial brushes are usually not recommended as they tend to irritate the face and a lot of us over exfoliate and create further damage to our moisture skin barrier. Remember our skins moisture barrier is the important area of skin we aim to keep happy above all else as if it’s not happy you can generally tell a mile off.

How To Use A Microfiber Towel In Your Routine?

KISS (Keep It Simple Simon) is the principle I like to suggest when it comes to a skincare routine. Don’t overload your face with a bunch of overly expensive, miracle promising products that are not going to do you any good in the long run. Here’s a sample morning routine:

  1. Cleanse with luke warm water or your favourite gentle cleanser. Massage cleanser with your fingers.
  2. Use circular motions with your Deluxe Fiber Microfiber Facial Cloth on only the areas that require the exfoliation. Don’t rub vigorously, treat your face as gently as possible.
  3. Rinse your face cleanser off
  4. Moisturise
  5. Sunscreen (AM)

The wash cloth can help to remove the build-up of stubborn dead skin cells. Also, the added benefit of a chemical exfoliant can help turn over skin cells faster. Of course the option is yours should you choose to do so. Be careful as to not over exfoliate as it’s very easy to dry your skin out.

I’d suggest you use your Microfiber Facial Washcloth no more than 3 times a week but watch your skin closely for any adverse signs over exfoliation. That’s it! Microfiber has the potential to reduce bumps, closed comedones and create a smoother canvas to paint your makeup portrait.

As always, remember to love your health!

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Why I Stopped Using Makeup Wipes…

Late nights. Couple of drinks, a good time chatting and catch ups are over and done with. Travelling home. I wish I could magic the makeup off my face. Why did I put makeup on?

Those are the thoughts that usually run through my head when I’m tired and ready to head to the land of nod. But my conscious wouldn’t let me sleep with a full face of makeup. Gone are the days I’d wake up with panda eyes. I soldier on and stand by my basin merticulously pampering my face with concoctions of only my fav holy grail products *so proud*

In the darkness of the car and maybe with the help of the center light, I’d rummage through my bag to retrieve my packet of makeup wipes. (Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes purple pack if you were wondering). I’d sit in the near darkness of the night rubbing my face and maybe using the assistance of the tiny mirror that would even make Cinderella wonder why her pores look so large.

It’s then I thank the wonderful team at Neutrogena for their magic wipes that make me feel just a little better at the end of a long night.

If 6 months ago my future self came to me and said I’d stop using them (not till the end of time) but for an alternative that I’d actually be looking forward to removing my makeup and I couldn’t do it in my car *gasp* I’d probably say, “yeah sure”.

Yes, tis true. In fact I love coming home and reveling in the sanctuary of my bathroom. It’s a little me time moment of the day that I feel like I can unwind and enjoy. Massage my face a bit, rub in a serum or moisturizer and feel my complexion become silky smooth.

My Deluxe Fiber Facial Cloth is soft yet has the ability to remove all my makeup with gentle swipes. The warm water is just so comforting on my tired eyes as I hold the cloth to them. I really feel refreshed and honestly there’s nothing better than laying your face down at the end of the night and knowing your skin is fresh, cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized. Okay maybe when you have clean hair and you lay down on your pillow and the lightness feels like heaven, maybe that’s a close second to that face feeling.

I like to use micellar water sometimes, but mostly I stick to water morning and night. Using two of my exfoliation methods being the two finger technique and double deluxe exfoliation method (vid coming soon). Below is my first technique.

So, as I write this I am yet to pop on my moisturizer and feel like crawling into bed right now. As always remember to love your health πŸ™‚

Dee X

My Skin Care Routine

Have you ever spent your hard earned savings on the latest hyped foundation? Promising us the ultimate coverage, the most lightweight formula and long lasting benefits. Yes we’ve all made it rain in Sephora at least once.

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation, NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, heck even the infamous Tarte Shape Tape Foundation. Take your pick. It all costs a pretty penny but even then so if it’s claimed to be the best, most hyped Foundation it may not work for you.

How can you be sure that the money you spend is going to get you the most perfect, flawless full coverage base we’re all chasing?

A skincare routine.

Now I’m well aware there are a fair few individuals who get away with not even washing their face (apart from a shower daily) and they seem to have no skin problems whatsoever. But for many including myself, the shower water is not going to cut it!

I remember heading into my teenage years, the hormones were raging and the imbalances were rearing their ugly heads all over my face. Add in the fact that in my early 20s I’d just discovered MAC Studio Fix Fluid, my first ever high end foundation and I was wearing it everyday. Wearing it everyday and not taking it off properly in the evening. There was a time I didn’t even remove my makeup before I slept ewwwww.

Yes yes, horrible I know. But I’ve grown a lot since then.

Incorporating a skincare routine is essential to great looking foundation. Not only will it look great but it will apply like a dream and maybe just maybe you won’t need to wear foundation anymore. Michelle Phan anyone? Okay maybe not that extreme.

Exfoliating the dead skin cells and cleansing deep down into your pores will begin the process of turning your skin cells over faster. This means the old dead, acne prone, dry, spotty, bumpy skin starts to lift exposing the beautiful new skin underneath.

I preferably use a mix of both physical and chemical exfoliation. My choice is of course my Deluxe Fiber Facial Cloth and I use an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) once in a while. Majority of my exfoliation comes from my little towel. It cuts the time I have to exfoliate in half and honestly waking up to a nice warm Deluxe Fiber facial towel and pressing it over my eyes is really comforting in the mornings when your eyes feel half stuck shut from tiredness.

While exfoliation is important there are other steps that are crucial to completing a proper basic skincare routine in the morning and evening. I believe incorporating a mix gives me a balanced, even skin tone.

Just a side note, I have combination skin however this skincare routine is at least a minimum to follow as a man or woman, this is gender neutral and targeted to everyone considering starting a skin care routine.


  1. Cleanse (dry and dehydrated skin may skip this step)
  2. Exfoliate with Deluxe Fiber Cloth
  3. Moisturise
  4. Apply sunscreen


  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate with Deluxe Fiber Cloth
  3. Moisturise
  4. Spot treat any blemishes (I use all natural Tea Tree Oil available at any Drugstore or Pharmacy)

Like most beginnings, it is your effort and dedication to this routine that will (if you continue everyday and night) show you the best results. Some results can be instantaneous, when I exfoliate I can’t help but run my (clean) hands across my face.

Other Tips For Clear Skin

Another note I should mention is that you should consider effectively cleaning your cell/mobile phone screen every few days with an antibacterial wipe or alcohol based screen cleaner. Think of where you take your phone all day, leave it resting on an unclean surface or use it to quickly Google something after you’ve pushed around the shopping cart/trolley? All those germs can transfer from your hands to your face when you receive a phone call not to mention scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram while you wait for the bus and then lean your hands on your face afterwards (where is that bus??).

Wash your pillowcase minimum once a week but preferably twice if you can remember. We spend 7+ hours resting our faces on them and even more if you nap ;).

Above all else, try your hardest to avoid touching your face often. It reminds me of when I first started wearing makeup and I’d rub or scratch my eyes and instantly say to myself, “Oh no! My mascara. Do I look like a panda?”.

The above tips are essentially just forming a habit really and with thought put into it, will become a part of your regular daily routine.

Be sure to check out my latest YouTube video if you have a moment and have a magical day!

Dee X