My Skin Journey

If you’re a subscriber to my blog you’ll know how much I express the need for a basic and simple skin care routine to which (I think) I’ve done.

I suppose this is a very intimate type of post. Anyone and everyone can view it and it’ll be plastered online for all to see once I click ‘publish’.

Shoutout to Irene of icxbeauty, her kindness and support triggered a need to begin blogging again after a long slump.

Over the years I have become more comfortable in showing my naked face. Now this is coming from a girl who for 10 years straight would not leave the house without foundation.

I don’t think I have a lot to complain about, I get it.

Yes, my skin is not the worst. I can appreciate that. However, over the course of years, this bumpy, somewhat itchy rash has appeared on my face for years, fluctuating at times, possibly getting worse during the winter months as humidity levels drop. But also it could’ve been my absolute crap skincare routine. I didn’t have one except washing with bar soap and water. But maybe this minimalism did me somewhat some good?


But it seems I’m unable to completely shift these raised bumps of flesh no matter what product I use.

The most un-flattering light. From the side my face looks like a bumpy, textured mess

And so through this blogging journey I hope to help you the reader with some problems you may experience. You’re not alone.

This girl, along with the help of her trusty GP (and hopefully not an expensive Dermatologist) are going to get down to the bottom of this issue. I want to take you along my journey and also document these pics for reference.

So far, using my sleuth abilities and hours of relentless scouring of forums and sub-reddits alike, I’ve considered the following culprits;

Possibilities, possibilities…

  • All my current skincare routine products
  • Makeup – face products in particular
  • My BC Pill
  • Not removing sunscreen completely, residue
  • Rosacea (grandmother had it)
  • Fungal Acne
  • Dermatitis (I get the most itchiest inner ear canals, spots of flaky skin on my ear, constant pinkish tone to my skin)
  • Comedonal Acne aka clogges pores that just wont budge
  • My laundry detergent
  • My sensitive skin
  • My allergies/sensitivities to the medications Penicillin and Trimethoprim (sulfonamide antibiotic)

Β What I’ve changed in the recent 2 weeks

  • Started Doxycycline 50mg
  • Started a different type of BC Pill (Yasmin)
  • Gone back to Neutrogena products I used back in the day
  • Eliminating sunscreen for the moment. Yes I know, I’m not happy about this either but I am covering my body when in the sun, using hats and sunnies and running for shade when I’m outside believe me! Doxy can make you burn more easily FYI
  • Changed my laundry detergent after 5+ years to a dye and fragrance-free alternative
  • Cut out using fabric softener when washing my bed linen

Here’s my skin currently

Note this was taken in the earlier part of the day, so I feel my skin looks better due to fluid smoothing my skins appearance…possibly

If I could tell myself what University degree to follow when I was in High School, I’d choose to be a Derm. Although there’s nothing stopping me now right?

Love your health.

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What makes for a really good sunscreen?

Altruism defined,Β “when we act to promote someone else’s welfare, even sometimes at a risk or cost to ourselves”.

What a great name for a sunscreen. Read on to find out why it makes sense.

I’m very happy to share with you this sunscreen by Altruist Dermatologist SunscreenΒ created by Dr Andrew Birnie, Consultant Dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon in the UK. Recommended to me by Dr Dray, or Andrea an American Dermatologist I follow religiously on the Tube. I purchased this on Amazon AU for AUD$40.57 ($20.28 each) price approximate for 2×100 mL tubes of SPF 50 Sunscreen.

This UVA/UVB chemical sunscreen is;

🌞Hypo-allergenic – great for Rosacea and dry/sensitive skin
🌞Fragrance-free – great for everyone
🌞Paraben- free – if this is important to you

Also importantly water resistant!

I recently asked my husband if he’d like to apply some sunscreen the other day whilst we worked on some home renovations in the sun. And like a majority of people he replied and shook his head and said it’s oily and uncomfortable to wear.

So for anyone who thinks sunscreen isn’t important this product;

🌞Absorbs quickly
🌞Is not sticky
🌞Has no residue
This goes on fairly white but dries down very well making its formulation perfect for ALL skin types. It gives a definite glow but I like that dewy look. Looks healthy to me anyway.

Another worthy reason of praise is Altruist donates money from sales to charities supporting children with Albinism particularly in African countries where people with Albinism are faced with health and sociocultural risks that endanger their lives.

It’s available for purchase on Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

Please consider sunscreen as one of the tools to protect your skin against skin cancer as well as promoting long lasting beauty!

Remember to #loveyourhealth

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Where I’ve Been – Small Update

Dear fellow bloggers who have suffered with writers & content block.

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t suffered with this? I applaud you if you haven’t as coming up with ideas to blog about can be difficult. Alas, is blogging really all that fun when you have to research content?

Sure we all know posting regularly ensures that we’re actually present on social media but I found myself about 2 months ago at a transition point on my blogging journey. I was uploading to YouTube 3 times a week, blogging 3 times a week and promoting it on Instagram and Twitter. Burnt out is what made me come to a standstill.


I have come to realise that if I don’t have the spark to write or post or film, I shouldn’t do it. It only makes for boring content no one wants to watch or read. So I decided in the past few weeks that I’d only post what I had a passion for, not to say everything I posted wasn’t something I really wanted to share. I just didn’t want to put that pressure on myself as I had been to come up with and force content.

In our home, we’ve also been working on adding a bathtub to our bathroom and fixing up our backyard and garden to make it what we’ve always wanted. Home renovations suck up your time, energy and weekends especially when you’re working on it all yourself. But change is good. It’s made me think about sharing what I’m really passionate about. I love to share skincare products and skincare information as I think it’s important to stay informed.

I post regularly to Instagram so be sure as to check out my page for skincare content on the daily!

Take care and remember to love your health

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