Casual Friday’s – 4 Reasons You Should Never be Sorry for Taking a Break from Social Media

The world of social media is an abundant land of curiosity and exploration, ways to catch up with family, friends and even to promote ones business.

Here are 4 reasons you should never be sorry for taking time to compose yourself.

Mental Health

Social media has a way of sucking us in. Before we know it, we’ve spent more time than we should have allowed to like all those Instagram pics or tweets from our favourite celebrities.

It’s also difficult to switch off when we’re always so available. We’re always one phone call, text or email away and while in some situations this is helpful, we’ve all felt the pressure of it.

It’s important to take time to switch off your technology, go for a walk and practice some self-care. More on that in this post here.

Life Happens

We all have commitments and sometimes they take over and this is okay. We can’t always expect to be on top of everything always and some things will fall by the way side while others take priority.

Let things be as they are. Have focus and direction towards you goals by writing down ideas and notes so when you’re ready for it, you can get back to regular programming.

Spark Joy

Ever feel like you don’t have the inspiration to do anything creative? That’s been me more than a few times!

It’s important to exercise your brain and by that I mean push it a little further than usual. However, if you’re finding it difficult to keep up and provide constant content, then take a step back and reevaluate why you’re feeling that way. It should bring you enjoyment. Once it starts dragging you down it’s a good time to re-evaluate some things like who you follow and see if that effects your experience online.

Enjoying the Present

I love catching up on social media as well as sharing some aesthetically pleasing shots of places I go etc. It’s fun! But even though we can contact someone who can be a whole town, state, or country away, we can forget about the moment and those that are right beside us.

Check out the apps Offtime and SPACE:Β BreakFree both available for download on iOS and android that add time limits to your selected apps helping reduce too much screen time on your device.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, remember to love your health.