How to Guide In: Patch Testing

If you’ve been with me a while you’ll know that when I suggest certain products I stress the importance of patch testing.

Yes, I too purchased countless products in the past and applied them directly to my face without even giving it a thought. Lucky for me, from memory I never had a severe reaction or major breakout.

However, through reading I have come to realize this is a terrible thing to do because you just don’t know how your skin will react to it. There is also a possibility your skin can develop reactions after near constant use same as our body can develop food allergies to things we’ve never been allergic to in our life out of the blue. The human body is an interesting thing, nonetheless we should do our best to look after it and here at DMP Health our motto is, “Love Your Health” so lets get into our how to guide.

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Essentially patch tests can be performed on the back of your neck or close to your ear/behind it and the place where you’re most prone to breakouts or acne. This can be different for everyone but for you, anywhere you tend to experience the most sensitivity or breakouts.

Apply a small amount on your neck or behind your ear to test for allergies or sensitivities and apply a small amount to the area on your face you choose to patch test for the impending doom of breakout city.

Then you wait. How long you wait truly depends, but for me I wait at least 24 hours – 48 hours and if I notice my skin is healthy I then apply it to my face. I can’t say this will work for you as once again your body may be different than mine and who’s to say you couldn’t experience a breakout/reaction a week later or month? I just think it’d be less likely however please be aware.

Now some people may be wondering is this all really necessary? Well to that I say, would you rather suffer with a small area breaking out, going red, getting hot and itchy? Or the entirety of your face swelling, growing huge cyst like pimples or red little bumps? The latter taking more longer to heal and get back to normal.

The decision is yours as always remember to love your health πŸ™‚

Dee X