Casual Friday’s – My Obsession with America

I was a young, envious girl of 13 or 14 desperately asking my uncle who was, embarking on his first trip to the USA to bring me back candy. And gum. Plenty of ‘flat gum’ which was what I called it. I’d never seen such a thing in Australia, we’re accustomed to smaller pieces of it and pellets. Nonetheless, I was so obsessed with trying this thin, but large, rectangle pieces of gum I’d seen Americans struggling to stuff into their mouths.

Yes, to answer the burning question. He did bring me back gum and various other candy and chocolate bars which made a teenage me quite happy indeed. I was living like an American, eating American snacks!

I spent many an evening with my husband (then boyfriend) watching TV Documentaries dedicated to Disney World. All about the parks and water parks, rides and attractions, character meet and greets, fireworks, food, shopping and entertainment.Β 1 hour long shows were my jam.

Although a slow torturous hour for a certain someone, he watched it with me though. I can update that his opinion of all things Disney has changed forever when we travelled to Florida as part of our Honeymoon in Nov ’15.

Why am I so obsessed with living in the USA

I think it all stems back from TV and movies really. American media heavily influences our TV channels and so I, like a moth to a flame became attracted to the amazing things their country had to offer. Another reason is my subtle annoyance to my maternal grandparents. You see, they had the option to move to either Australia or the USA when they immigrated from the former Yugoslavia. They chose Australia and yes, I probably wouldn’t have been born if that was the case but I can’t help but feel they made the wrong choice. I mean I could have technically been born right? Just half an American *fantasises*

You see life in Australia is quite mellow, so to speak. Now I don’t want to go around offending anyone and I’m certain I will attract some people here who will say you’re crazy for wanting to move away from Australia. But I do. It’s just not as interesting as what the USA has to offer.

My cousins shy away at the thought of coming ‘down under’ and I strongly believe it’s because we have nothing here! Okay let’s not hate on Australia.

Why I love Australia

  • Our laid back personalities are molded from our country, being the world’s largest island has something to do with it right?
  • Beaches. I’m a summer girl through and through and while yes I complain of the heat, I’d prefer the sunny, eye searing, blistering heat than the cloudy, dark, grey clouds and rain any day.
  • We have a lot of good weather. It makes me feel happier internally/mentally.
  • The Wiggles. Yes OG 90s Wiggle Child here. They’re one of the best in child entertainment that actually were a success.

Alas, I struggle daily with the thoughts of moving overseas. To a place where Disney items, memorabilia, products and foods are much more accessible. Where we’re free to choose to vote and not fined a sum of money, free to throw our Jury Duty letter in the bin without having to screw around at a court all day trying to get out of it.

Oh and Hershey’s Chocolates

They’re such an iconic chocolate brand in the USA. I remember offering some of my high school friends some Hershey’s Kisses chocolates from my stash my uncle brought home. I can tell you, hardly any of them liked the chocolate. I feel like it’s an acquired taste? But for me it didn’t take too long to acquire a taste for them lol.

I put it out there that a change will come. A change I’m willing to jump at at any chance, where I’ll then be able to chew all the ‘flat gum’ I want.