You’ve Over Exfoliated Your Face, Now What?

I’m not proud to say but I’ve over exfoliated my face a fair few times in my life.

Honestly, if you haven’t then claps to you because it seems like everyone I read about online has done this one time or another! It’s just so hard when you’re so excited to start a new product and the potential of a positive skin reaction is just so addicting.

So how do you know you’ve over exfoliated? How do you fix it if it’s already too late?

Well lets define exfoliation. Being either chemical or physical, they both aim to remove the layer of skin cells that are red, inflamed, pimply and just skin you’d rather not have. By removing that layer we in turn see the new healthier skin underneath as our complexion begins to heal.

Exfoliating with any product or tool will expose you to dryness as it’s removing the skin either chemically or physically and stripping the moisture right off your face and reducing oil production. This is why I say moisturizing is so important as it’s needed to replenish the skin after the chemicals etc and help with the healing process once again.

It’s so easy to get carried away with using them more often than is needed and we find ourselves with dull, dry and broken out skin thinking what on Earth is happening? Yes I’ve made my skin worse when I tried to make it better and I’ll certainly admit that to you all.

If you feel any of the following symptoms for longer than 1 minute than be warned; (technically no product or tool should cause discomfort and may be a mismatch for your skin, however some products will state a “mild tingling sensation etc is normal). Just go with your gut instinct.

  1. Tingling for more than the recommended time
  2. A burning sensation
  3. Redness
  4. Irritation
  5. Swelling
  6. Itchiness
  7. Dry patches
  8. Rash
  9. Bumps of any shape or size
  10. Cracked skin
  11. Crusting or oozing

If you’ve gotten to the point that you’re experiencing one or more of the above then maybe it’s best you see a professional as they can guide you on what is essentially the next best step for you to take.

Don’t be disheartened, you can fix it as I have but you’ll need to give your skin a major break from anything other than a mild cleanser and your favorite moisturizer. Essentially you’ve ruined your moisture barrier and your skin is going into a panicked frenzy.

In the past I just cleanse using water and my Deluxe Fiber Facial Cloth and cool/cold water feels great. Being chemical free, it won’t cause any further irritation which is not what you need. I continue with my moisturizer and avoid makeup for a few days. I also have a prescription for a hydro cortisone cream for winter skin flare ups (I’ll talk more about that in another video/blog) and I add that over the itchy patches which seems to soothe the areas.

Check out my video on the Tube and say hello πŸ™‚

All in all remember we’re all going to make mistakes that are going to have you wishing you could press a big rewind button to stop yourself. It’s not easy to find a middle ground, but it is achievable. Don’t let your faith falter.

Remember to love your health!

Dee X